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Wednesday, August 13



Montgomery County Elite,

is apart of a non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Magnolia, Texas. We practice out of Burroughs Park in Tomball Texas Weds and Sundays.


David Hatfield, Manager 281-703-5391 dvumpire68@sbcglobal.net

Stan Broomas, Manager 936-346-1180 sjbroomas@gmail.com


Our purpose of the organization is to sponsor competitive girls' fastpitch softball teams. We will provide girls from the south Texas area a chance to compete against teams from across the state and nation.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for female scholar athletes who have a desire to play softball at the collegiate level. We aspire to become known as a nationally recognized team which promotes female athletes, physically trained and mentally conditioned to enter the collegiate softball arena as a means of obtaining a college education.


Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all these girls to compete at the highest level, while at the same time teach them loyalty, responsibility, commitment and respect for self and others.


MC Elite/Hatfield is committed to:

•Teach young athletes the value of success through the spirit and performance of a successful organization.

•Build a highly competitive team whose players exhibit the effectiveness of “teamwork " through good attitude, effort, and hustle.

•Provide a unique, positive atmosphere for advanced student athletes to develop their skills while building confidence, self-esteem, and mental toughness.

•Stress the importance of academic achievement as it relates to competitive sports and to success in future endeavors in life.


Our coaching staff provides players the skill level and a greater knowledge of the game, allowing them to market themselves to college coaches. Our coaches will work closely with colleges and their coaches to actively market players that wish to play college softball and have all or part of their college expenses covered through scholarships.


Coach Malcolm Harper

Coach Reed

Asst. Coach/Recruiter Kimberly Crawford


To Some Softball is a Game, to others it is Life ~ Jenny Finch