Mississauga Basketball Seasonal League: Welcome

Monday, July 7
Welcome Teams!

This league is PURELY just about playing for the love of the game. It will be fun but at the same time playing tough, disciplined and competitive basketball with respect. By showing your skill sor what you can do on the court can be determined what you need to improve to become a better basketball player.


-Commisoner Jourdan Casis 


Saturday, July 12
Rules and Regulations

General Rules

Players are asked to leave the Gymnasium immediately after the last game.

Change room facilities are available for all participants, however all participants must have vacated the Community Centre prior to Midnight.

Program staffs reserve the right to remove non-playing spectators from the Gymnasium at any time.

To participate in the playoffs, players must have played in 75% of the regular season games with their team – no “ringers” allowed.

Game Sheets: Each player on a team must be represented on the game sheet. Team Captains must sign-in their players before the start of each game.

Players are responsible for their actions. FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language. VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN YOURAUTOMATIC REMOVAL FROM THE GAME AND POSSIBLE REMOVAL FROM THE LEAGUE

Game Rules:

1. All teams will play one 44-minute game per week with 3 Minute Half-Time.

2. Games will consist of two 22-minute running time halves. The final 2 minutes of regulation will be considered stop-time only if the game is at or within 10 points at the 2 minute remaining mark. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a 4 minute overtime period will be allocated to determine a winner. The final minute of overtime will be considered Stop-time only if the game is at or within 6 points at the 1 minute remaining mark.

3. Final weeks will be used for Championship and Consolation Playoffs.

4. Non- marking running shoes only.

5. No glasses (sports goggles permitted) or jewellery of any kind.

6. Teams must start the game with a minimum of 5 players. Teams missing a player will be given time to play the first 10 minutes of the game. If a player DOES NOT show up on the first 10 minute mark of the game, the team will be given an immediate forfeit, NO EXCEPTIONS. When the final player shows, the opposing team will begin with first possession and the game will commence. A delay of game warning will be enforced on the late team; meaning the next delay of game warning is another technical foul.

7. No children allowed in the gym.

8. Benches are reserved for playing teams only. All other participants will be seated opposite the scoring table until their time to play.


Technical Rules

1. If game is tied after overtime period, teams will alternate free throws (different shooter each time) until one team makes and team misses.

2. When given the ball for a foul shot, a player will have no more than 5 seconds to take a shot.

3. Teams will be considered in the DOUBLE BONUS after 8 fouls.

4. Teams may substitute at stoppages in play only.

5. Teams are allowed 1 Time-out per half of 60 seconds (NO CARRY OVER).

6. FIBA rules will be used in all other instances.

7. Players will Foul Out on their 5th Personal Foul 8. FIBA 3-Point Line will be in affect

9. Referee has final decision in all matters  

Wednesday, July 23