Maynard/Stow Baseball: Lou Tompkins League

Tuesday, April 29

The Maynard/Stow Baseball Charitable Corp. will be entering a Senior Division team (17 – 21) and an A Division team (15 – 16) into the Lou Tompkins All Star Baseball League this summer. The season starts mid-June and ends mid-August. This is a highly competitive baseball league and our organization has been involved in this league for many years and has had success in both divisions. Registration is open to all Maynard and Nashoba High School and Middle School players. Teams will play a 20 game schedule with additional playoff games if the teams make the Tournament of Champions round at the end of the season. This is a travel league with 10 games being scheduled away. Our past players have enjoyed this league over the years with most players being able to get to the next level by playing summer baseball. If your player is looking to take their game to the next level in High School I would strongly recommend this program for them. LTA Baseball also holds several College Showcases throughout the year with some being free or at a minimal fee.

 Registration forms can be found on our “Handout” tab located on our homepage. For more information on Lou Tompkins Baseball please go to If you should have questions regarding this league, please call Mike Chambers at (978) 430-6905. . I have enclosed a message from Joe Rushing who is the President of Lou Tompkins Baseball.


A Message from Joe Rushing – President of Lou Tompkins Baseball

Welcome to the 2014 Lou Tompkins Baseball season.  Our registrations are now open for all town and teams so now is the time to start thinking about your summer plans for your all-star teams. 

In 2013, we had nearly 1400 players from 65 teams playing in over 700 games.  We have four (4) divisions in which you town or league can choose from. 

Senior Division 17-21 year olds (limit of 6 players of 20 and 21 years on a 24 man roster A Division 15-16 year olds B Division 13-14 year olds C Division 13 year olds only 

We also want to remind you that we’re holding a College Showcase Weekend for 80 players of high school age (14-18) on July 6th followed by an all-star game with the top players chosen from that Showcase to play another all-star team on Sunday July 6th at Belmont High School.  All of this, along with our year round training and college fair are all for members of LTA Baseball. 

Our registration process is now open and will close for the Senior Division on May 16th and the rest of the league will close May 23rd.  There is some new information about the league in 2014.  Please read carefully below. 

The Division Commissioners have reviewed the game dates and times for each of the leagues last year and have agreed upon the following dates and times for each of the leagues this year. 

The Senior League games will be on Wednesday @ 5:45 PM Friday @ 5:45 PM and Sunday @ 2 PM  

For the A Division, their game dates and times are Tuesday @ 5:45 PM and Saturday and Sunday @ 5:30 PM  

We expect the coming season will continue the high level of competition.  Our goal is to provide our member Cities/Towns with a league structure and environment which will promote and foster fast paced, quality baseball.  We anticipate significant interest among Cities/Towns in entering teams in the Senior Division, A Division, B Division and C Division for 2014.