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Welcome to the Olathe Mavericks Baseball Website!

The 13 year old Olathe Mavericks are a competitive baseball team that consists of boys from the surrounding Johnson County Area.  These boys are very dedicated, hard working, talented and love the game. 

If interested in Tryouts, please call or email the coach, Ron Gamm Jr, at 913-999-5488 or


Saturday, January 7
Hitting & Pitching League Champs

Our boys have done it again.  We went up against 14 and 15 year old and beeat them in the championship game.  Congratulations!



Wednesday, July 20

Check out the Olathe Maverick boys on YouTube.  Go to the website, and look up Olathe Mavericks.  It brings up a video that Caroline Bednar created for the boys.  It is awesome!


Tuesday, July 19
World Series Champions!!

The Mavericks are now World Series Champions!!!  What a great and amazing season the boys have had.  We have accomplished so much and are looking forward to fall ball.  Each and everyone of you are great young men and exceptional ball players. FREDDY KRUEGER!

Thank you all,

Coach Gamm


Sunday, July 10
1st Place Winners Olathe City Championship

Congratulations Mavericks!  Mavericks are the 1st place winners of the Olathe City Championship.  It was hot but, you boys played hard and kept your heads in the game.  You boys did an amazing job this season and have made such amazing strides.  I am so proud of each boy for their hard work and dedication.  Congrats again!  


Tuesday, July 5
World Series

We have qualified for the berth into the World Series.  Congratulations on this accomplishment. 



Sunday, July 3
State Championship Tournament

We have come so far in the short amount of time.  We qualified for State in May and were so excited to participate.  We played hard and were very successful.  3rd place in State is awesome and I am so proud of each boy.  They had such heart and dedication throughout this whole tournament.  Go Mavericks!



Sunday, June 19
Fathers Day Classic Tournament

Congratulations on taking 2nd place.  You boys played your hearts out.  We played a lot of great competition and you boys did an excellent job.  Great job Mavs!



Sunday, May 29
Championship Winners

Congratulations again Mavericks!  We won the Swing for the Cure Tournament Championship in Olathe.  The boys did such an amazing job and I am so proud of them. 


Sunday, May 8
3 & 2 Slugfest Champions

Congratulations Mavericks on your 1st place Championship at the 3 & 2 May Slugfest!


Wednesday, March 16
Olathe Mavericks Win

Olathe Mavericks win the Championship at BTL!   

What a experience we had at BTL!  The boys progressed and improved so much over the weeks.  We had 3 boys in the top 8 for hitting and 5 boys in the top 8 for pitching.  We really had a great time!


Sunday, February 27
Mavericks are doing awesome!

Mavericks are doing awesome.  The boys had 1035 points in hitting and pitching for this week alone.  Keep up the great work boys and get ready for Week 7!



Sunday, February 20
Mavericks Hitting & Pitching League

Another amazing week from the Mavericks boys.  This week, our new boys started the hit league and did great.  All together for this week, the Mavericks scored 587 in pitching and 388 in hitting for a total of 975 points for the week.  That makes the grand total, 1867 points in pitching and 1359 points in hitting.  Great job Mavericks!!

 As always, I am always available to help the boys out on pitching and hitting.  Just call or email and we can schedule a time.  Thanks.


Go Mavericks!!

Monday, February 14
Go Mavericks!

4 weeks into the Hitting & Pitching League with great results.  Really proud of the boys and their continued hard work.  So far for 4 weeks, the hitting points are 971 and the pitching points are 1280.  These are amazing numbers.  Go Mavericks!!!


Wednesday, February 9
Hitting & Pitching League

The 3 teams have been doing an awesome job.  The boys have scored an amazing 727 points in hitting and 936 points in pitching.  Keep up the good work boys!

Tuesday, January 25
Hitting & Pitching League

The 2011 Mavericks are off to a great start!  All 3 teams together, got an amazing 258 points for hitting.  Between our 3 teams, we also scored an outstanding 318 points for pitching.  This group of boys are all talented and bring a lot of great things to the team.  Everyone is looking good in the Hitting & Pitching Leagues.  Practices are going to pick back up on the 30th of January.  If anyone would like to schedule some one-on-one training, contact me at 913-999-5488 or email me at

Go Mavericks!!!