Mattoon Post 88: Post 88 Baseball Academy

Post 88 Baseball Academy

Looking to get an edge up on your competition...

Need to sharpen your baseball skills for the upcoming tryout...

Having issues with a part of your game, but not sure how to fix it...

Utility player looking to find a home on the field............................ 

Post 88 Baseball Academy is for you!

We will work on what YOU need work on.  Each week we will increase the skill setting to get you to another level.  

2015/16 Private Lessons:

1 Session - $55

5 Sessions - $150

10 Sessions -  $300

20 Sessions - $600

**20 Sessions - We will video tape first session and last session to show you the skills and confidence you have acquired during Post 88 Baseball Academy 

All Private Lessons are 40 minutes

A 24 Hr notice for all cancellation/rescheduled lessons are required 

Lessons are to be used within 9 months

**No refunds on lesson packs** 

What to expect:

Infielders: your approach to the ball, balance, quick feet and quick hands, arm strength, accuracy, and situational plays.

Catchers: DRILLS, DRILLS, DRILLS!  Receiving, blocking, exchange, framing, learn about the leadership it takes to be a GREAT catcher.

Hitting: We will teach you how to be comfortable and confident at the plate.  You will learn how to become a well-balanced hitter.  See the ball, load, stance, drive...go with the pitch.  Line drive hitter!

**Please call to get pitching lesson(s) and rate information. 

A portion of the proceeds will got to Mattoon Post 88 Baseball Club  

Please Contact Jason Badman to get your scheduled lessons started!


Dec 1, 2015 Lessons will start, so sign up now as time slots are already closing fast! 

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