Mattapoisett Community Tennis Association: Welcome

Wednesday, August 23

Tuesday and Thursday Drop-ins will be at Wareham High School starting Aug. 29, 2017. Saturday Drop-ins will remain at ORR


Mixed Doubles Tournament Results on Aug 26,2017

Men                                                                    Women

first--  Wayne Miller                                                             first-- Emily Kissell

  • tied for second--     Henry Quinlan and Mark Robertson      second-- Carolyn Wingate
  •                                                                                   third-- Ann Martin



Mixed Doubles Tournament Scheduled at ORR on Sat., Aug. 26,2017 at 9:00 A.M. 

Tournament will be mixed doubles with a round-robin format and a cookout at home of Wayne Miller following the tournament. Contact Wayne at 774-206-3008 to enter. MCTA membership is required.


 MCTA Drop-ins will now switch to ORR

         MCTA Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday drop-ins will now be held at ORR , starting June 27,2017 at 8:30 for the rest of the summer.        



MCTA Men's Tournament was Held at ORR on June 25,2017 

  • The tournament was very successful with 12 entrants. The winner was John Clifford and the runnerups were Greg Hatfield and Jerry LaPointe.





Welcome Mattapoisett Community Tennis Association members and guests.

The Mattapoisett Community Tennis Association (MCTA) is a nonprofit organization which was established in April, 1999 for the purpose of expanding interest in tennis in Mattapoisett and surrounding towns.

MCTA has organized drop-ins at local school courts, organizes tournaments for MCTA members both for in-house events and joint events with Fairhaven Community Tennis Association, and arranges matchs with other tennis associations. A picnic is held every year usually following a tournament. Players of all ages both male and female are welcome to join and participate in the MCTA program. Please click on Join MCTA at the left to download an application for membership.