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Starting Sept 2012 


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Club Hosting Sites

Norfolk Academy, Norfolk VA                      

Bayside High School, Virginia Beach VA

Green Run High School, Virginia Beach VA - Pending School Admin Approval

This may be wrestling's future in Hampton Roads Virginia for mentoring kids from the various suburban and urban areas that may be interested in "dabbling" with the sport of wrestling. And best of all…there's NO PRESSURE and NO CUTTING WEIGHT necessary to learn. 

Prerequisite: A positive attitude and a willingness to do your best.   

Recruiting: Co-ed Youth Ages 5-18. All shapes and sizes.     

Experience Level: Beginners preferred. Some experience o.k.    

We want to make every participants experience a positive one. We strive to lead by example and instill character-building qualities into each wrestler, so that they appreciate the sense of accomplishment that can be achieve throughout their lives…whether it is personally or as part of a club or team.

Wrestling practices  (TBA on Calendar)

The kids will be placed up against another youth and/or division based on age and weight. For instance, if your son/daughter is 6 years old and weighs 50 pounds, they will be placed with other wrestlers no more than 1 year older or younger and with no more than a 5lb weight differnce.  

 Specific goals of club:

  • Fun
  • Respect
  • Cooperation
  • Confidence
  • Problem Solving
  • Good Sportsmanship

Benefits:Studies have shown that in many cases, youth that participant in a mentally and physically challenging activity, will begin to notice improvements in; hand-eye coordination, strength, stamina, reaction time and explosiveness. Regarding their character, you may see improvement in self-esteem, grades and behavior in school. In addition, you can expect that they may feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment, due to their involvement in an Olympic Sport.

Club growth:The keys to making this program successful and sustainable will undoubtedly be from continuous communituy support from caring friends & family, educators, mentors, coaches and sponsors who are willing and able to give some time and contributions. 

 GIRL POWER RULES!  Yes...this too is considered a new national sports trend amongst female youth, who wish to join the world’s oldest and greatest sport of WRESTLING! "Why do girls want to know how to wrestle you ask?" Because….besides improving their fitness level, it also teaches the basics of self-defense in taking opponents down, falling, submissions and escapes. When more female youth participate in the sport of wrestling, they and the sport both gain more recognition. Moreover, it creates a greater opportunity for them to wrestle without having to practice and compete only against the boys.  

Sign-up Information

Signup forms will be available at club practice. 

AAU Club Code: XTFDE3    

MAWC Registration Fee: $64.00 includes a 2012 - 2013 aau membership/insurance card and club T- shirt. This fee is not prorated.

Make checks payable to: T.D. Edwards Foundation 

On Memo line: MAWC 

For your convenience, we may be accepting credit and debit payments through Paypal soon.

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 Club Code XTFDE3  

*Safety, ethics, and mutual respect in during activities and events are a must at all times. Inappropriate language and/or behavior will not be tolerated. Any violation of the rules will be addressed and dealt with appropriately.   Severe infractions may warrant dismissal, suspension and barred from any further participation in the program and where Mat Ambassadors Club may be hosting events.