Massachusetts District 3 Little League : Welcome

Friday, November 5

The District 3 website has moved. The new website can be found by clicking here.   News and updates can also be found on the District 3 Facebook page   



Dear Baseball Families,

I wanted to alert you to a new BASEBALL Bat standard that begins in 2018. I wanted to bring your attention to this new standard well before it's adoption in 2018. With the holiday season approaching I wanted to make sure the information was out before money is spent purchasing a new bat for your baseball player. PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY APPLIES TO BASEBALL BATS NOT SOFTBALL BATS The new standard (USA Bat) is being adopted by virtually all youth sports organizations. Once the 2018 season hits ALL the bats we use today will no longer be allowed. I recommend you take this new standard into consideration before making any additional bat purchases. It is estimated that bats that meet the new standard will be available for sale starting fall of 2017. Any bat you purchase today will NOT meet the new standard in 2018.The bats we use today will be allowed next year (2017), but as of January 1, 2018 they will no longer be allowed. More information about the standard can be found on the Little League website