Martin County Swimming: Code of Conduct

Sr. Champs 2012
Sr. Champs: Murray, McCombs, Lacusky


All members of the Martin County Aquatics Swim Team

comply with the following guidelines:

              1.         The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products or controlled

                          substances by any athlete is prohibited.

              2.         Curfews established by the coach or coaches will be strictly adhered to.

              3.         Team members and staff will attend all team functions including meetings,

                          warm-ups, practices, competitions, meals, etc., unless otherwise excused

                         or instructed by the coach of record.

              4.         To ensure the propriety of the athletes and to protect the staff, there

                         will be no male athletes in female athletes’ rooms, and no female


                         athletes in male athletes’ rooms.

              5.       Team members and staff will refrain from any illegal or inappropriate

                        behavior that would detract from a positive image of the Martin County


                        Aquatics, Florida Gold Coast Swimming LSC, USA Swimming or be


                       detrimental to their performance objectives.

              6.      Team members will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward

                        coaches, officials, administrators, fellow competitors and the public.

              7.      Any additional guidelines for the team will be established as needed by

                        the coach of record.

 To download the Code of Conduct form for signature, please click here:     

Handout: Code of Conduct