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November 15 2013 November 15 2013

Last updated
12-16-14 09:03 PM
Sheila Driscoll
Fax: 617-755-3619
Marshfield, Massachusetts

Marshfield High School Girls Hockey Team
Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Sat 12/27 Hockey-Ice Away VS Plymouth 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM Armstrong Rink
Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 12/17 Hockey-Ice Away Vs Scituate 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM Pilgrim Rink
Sat 12/20 Hockey-Ice Home VS BMW 8:45 PM - 10:00 PM Hobomock Ice Arena
Upcoming Practices
Date Event Time Location
Sun 12/21 Hockey-Ice Sunday Practice 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Hobomock Ice Arena
Mon 12/22 Hockey-Ice Hobomock 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM Hobomock Ice Arena
Tue 12/23 Hockey-Ice Hobomock 2:20 PM - 3:10 PM Hobomock Ice Arena
Fri 12/26 Hockey-Ice The Bog 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM The Bog
Team 2013-2014
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Thursday, May 9
MHS Girls Hockey Team Off Season Coordination 2013

The Goal

 Skating, skills, conditioning and games; in that order.


The MHS expectation, as discussed with the AD, is that MHS Girls Hockey will have a competitive varsity team next year. Everyone will need to be ready to play a role in the varsity games. All players need to be able on skate, shoot and pass effectively to be on the ice in varsity games.

The challenge is that the team needs to improve in strength, endurance, and skills to get to the next level of competition. Time will help as students grow and mature but the real emphasis in the off season needs to be on the basics with just enough game time to keep the reflexes, game sense and team cohesion alive.


Focus Areas

  1. Strength to battle and defend the goal and goalie
  2. Strength to battle on forechecks and in the front of the offensive goal.
  3. Endurance and speed to skate/play an entire game.
  4. Hard shots with placement (goal scoring)
  5. Sending and receiving passes on the move
  6. Game play (breakouts, forechecks, attacks, special teams)
  7. Game basics (change ups, shift duration, line up locations)
  8. Moving with/without the puck
  9. Skating
  10. Goaltending

Summer Student Activities

There will be a girls’ high school summer league on Monday nights at Pilgrim Arena as there was last year. MHS was selected to compete in the league. All players are expected to play on the team. Vacations are understood. A payment of $150 in the name of MHS Girls Hockey will be the cost. First game is June 24th 2013. The goal is to stay on the ice as a team in a competitive setting and have some fun. Shannon Driscoll will be coaching.


Any player or goalie camp would be great. Several players have attended camps together at Providence and Dartmouth. The camp website links are on the team’s website:


Summer strength and conditioning program (Shea Training Systems) for the Marshfield High Girls Hockey Team is recommended. It is an excellent program with an experienced instructor.


Juniors should consider competitive opportunities such as the Bay State Summer Games ( ) or a Chowder Cup team to increase their college visibility.


Skills/Skating session somewhere: Findley’s, Lovell, Bog, Bavis, or Leo’s. The most efficient use of $ and time are the skating sessions on Tuesday’s or stick handling sessions on Thursday’s with Leo+ at Hobomock Arena. The sessions are flexible, low cost and effective.



Fall Student Activities

Skating at least once per week on a competitive hockey team (Coastal Stars, Breakers, etc.) is recommended.


Skills sessions/workouts should continue or be folded into fall team practices.


Captains (Skills) Practices are planned to be at least twice per week in November.


There will be an Alumni Game for all to participate in during the day on the Friday after Thanksgiving at Hobomock Arena.


Wednesday, June 8
Getting Organized For College

Getting Organized for College

Get your story together.

It is essential to have your history and accomplishments in an organized form to do well on applications, interviews and scholarships. It also takes longer than you think to get it organized.

  • Build a one page resume with a nice photo
    • Academics
    • Sports
    • Community
    • Leadership and team participation
 Do your college homework now.

Not in season when you are trying to win hockey games, study and apply for college. It comes hard, fast and all at once.

  • Take an SAT Prep Course or at least a study book at the kitchen table for a few hours a week.
  • Register for the SAT Test (early in the Fall)
  • Read The One Hour College Finder is an excellent and quick book for you to read to get your thinking started.
  • Review the websites of the colleges you have any interest in. Think about majors, locations and costs as well as academics, sports/activities and environment.
  • Get a solid email account (for use by you and your parents) for all of your college and financial aid work. It is all online now. Not Facebook.
  • Register online with the colleges you are interested in so your applicant file starts and information flows to you.
  • Register for visits at the colleges you are serious about in the summer and fall.

Make your Top Ten Colleges List.

  • The list should consider majors, locations and costs as well as academics, sports/activities and environment. It can and will change as you go through the process throughout the year. Include a few school tough/reach schools, a group of reasonable schools you have interest in and possibly one or two safety net schools you could get started at. Write it out with possible majors, locations and costs included.

Prepare College Applications

  • Download or request the specific college application forms. All colleges have a checklist of forms and dates online in the admissions and financial aid sections of their websites.
  • Organize each school in a folder.
  • Download the common application and get all the information required to complete the form.
  • Start drafts of the required application essays. You will need to review and work on them until they are your best work. Get them reviewed including MHS teachers.

Prepare Financial Aid Applications

Alert your parents to start preparing for the financial aid applications.

Focus on MHS Academics

  • Fall Senior Year is your last chance to improve/stabilize your GPA and show your academic potential. Give it your best effort. Get help early before you need it. Relax in the spring senior year, not the fall.
  • Do your MHS summer reading for a solid start to the year.

Request Letters of Recommendation

Make requests for a few key letters of recommendation early from teachers and coaches you have a good academic standing and a solid relationship with. A short note explaining the request and its timing as well as a copy of your resume gives the teacher or coaches a great start and keeps everyone focused. The letters will be important for use in several ways:

  • College Applications
  • Scholarships

·        College Hockey Coaches

Coaches will also email and call any coaches that make sense at the right time in the process.

It is important.

Ask questions or request help.

It will all work out.


Sunday, February 9
Marshfield High School Girls Hockey Team Images

Sunday, February 9
2013/2014 Team Photo

Marshfield High School Girls Hockey Team
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