Marshall Basketball Association: MBA Extras

Friday, August 19
Skills Camps

MBA offers fundamental skills camps through out the summer months open to a variety of age and ability levels.

Keeping a ball in the players hand, even during the off-season can give your player the opportunity to improve their abilities and conditioning year round. This way they are ready to play ball when practice starts. 

Some of the camps offered:

  Ball Handling Camps:

  • How to develop a solid foundation off the dribble or out of triple threat
  • Basketball efficiency concepts that will transfer to any part of their game (post & guards alike)
  • How to maximize their foot speed with proper training techniques
  • Proper practice techniques so players do not waste their practice time in the gym
  • Game concepts that will make it easy to beat faster and quicker players to the hoop off the dribble or out of the triple threat


Fundamentals Skills Camps:

  • Basic fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, defense, setting picks, taught on a regular basis


Shooting Camp

  • Shooting efficiency (taking out all wasted motion in the shot leading to a quicker release and more consistency)
  • Catch and shoot (release the ball faster and with more consistency by understanding proper techniques to the catch and shoot)
  • Catch and square (teach players how to catch and square up helping them establish correct pivot foot and load their legs for their shot and an explosive 1st step)
  • Creating space out of triple threat (making more efficent moves out of triple threat/creating space out of triple threat in the form of step back and dribble moves/reading the defense out of triple threat/keys to making you hard to guard)