Marlton Athletics Baseball Club: St. Val's A.C.

St. Val's Athletic Club, Bloomfield, New Jersey

The Marlton A's Baseball Club wishes to thank St. Val's Athletic Club for their sponsorship during the 2000 season and are proud to participate in their December 2000 raffle by purchasing 500 raffle tickets.

A Brief History of the Saint Val's Athletic Club

On September 29th, 1923, the Saint Valentine Athletic Club came into existence. Fourteen young men gathered in a small Parish schoolhouse and founded the organization which just recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Reverend Bronislaus Socha was the Pastor of the Church. His interest in sports and concern for the young men of the Parish, prompted the founding of the Club. The first officers were elected at the second meeting and Reverend Monsignor Socha was installed as Honorary President and he retained that distinction until his death on March 3rd, 1971. His passing was a sad moment in the history of the Club. By the third meeting, the roster had increased to twenty three members. This group declared themselves "Charter Members". Anthony Janeski, still active in our organization, is the only charter member still with us. Our active membership has always sought ways to help the Parish, and continue to do so until this day. Those members, past and present who have given their time and energy so often and so freely are to be commended. This giving nature, visible from the founding, assures the Club's future will be even greater than its past. In 1985, then President, Steven Szczepanski began honoring those most deserving with two Awards: "The Member of the Year", and the "Sportsman of the Year". The member honored in 1998 was Steve himself. St. Valentine Athletic Club is the oldest Athletic Club in the of State New Jersey. CLick on web link to see some Pics from our Clubroom. On left some of the "guys" say hey. Center is our "Wall of Fame" and to the Right is our bowling lanes.