Marlton Athletics Baseball Club: All Star / Awards

ALL-TIME ALL-STAR SELECTIONS (1992-93, 1999-Present)
1992 (2): IF Peter McNally, 1B Jason MacLean
1993 (2): CF/P Terry Dorfman, IF John Halversen
1999 (2): P Gary Giese, CF Todd Camp
2000 (1): 2B Ken Ferry
2001 (4): P Ken Ferry, 1B Rich Mazzella, OF Barry Annese-x, IF Terry Annese-x, OF Keith Wood-*x, SS Harry Ritchie-*x, C Bill Hazel*, IF Pery Shusterman*
2002 (2): OF Todd Camp, OF Barry Annese
2003 (5): IF Gary Giese, P Ken Ferry, 1B Rich Mazzella, C Bill Hazel, MGR Terry Annese
2004 (4): P Ken Ferry, C Rich McNee, OF Todd Camp, IF Terry Annese-x, C Bill Hazel*, 1B Larry Hubert*
2005 (3): P Ken Ferry-z, OF Todd Camp-z, C Rich McNee-z, MGR. Terry Annese*

z - unable to attend
x - unable to play due to injury
* - injury replacement


Team MVP Award (1992-93, 1999-Present)
1992: Jason MacLean
1993: Terry Dorfman
1999: Gary Giese
2000: Gary Giese and Keith Wood
2001: Ken Ferry and Rich Mazzella
2002: Todd Camp
2003: Ken Ferry
2004: Rich McNee
2005: Ken Ferry & Rich McNee

Rookie/New Player of the Year
1999: OF Todd Camp
2000: C Lance Wood
2001: C Bill Hazel
2002: P/OF John Tumbelty
2003: OF Zack Edeleman
2004: C Rich McNee
2005: OF Ray Jobson

Trent Dion Player of the Year Award (1992-93, 1999-Present)
1992: Peter McNally
1993: John Halversen
1999: Trent Dion
2000: Ken Ferry*
2001: Pery Shusterman
2002: Barry Annese
2003: Marcus John
2004: Gary Shears
2005: Steve Paolini
(* award renamed for Catcher Emeritus, Trent Dion, after 2000 season)

Comeback/Most Improved Player of the Year
1999: OF   Ed Miller
2000: OF   Keith Wood
2001: OF   Barry Annese
2002: OF/P Gary Giese
2003: P/IF Ken Ferry
2004: C Bill Hazel (Comeback Player), P/OF Phil Anselmo & P/INF Marcus John
2005: OF/P Marcus John

League-wide MVP Award Winners
2001: Rich Mazzella
2004: Rich McNee (All-Star Game MVP)

Most Triples (League)
2001: Ken Ferry
2003: Ken Ferry

Gold Glove
2004: OF Jay Rabinowitz, 3B/C George Rogers
2005: 3B/C George Rogers, 1B Larry Hubert