Marlboro Marlins: Welcome

The Marlboro Marlins Swim Team invites members of the Marlboro Swim Club 6-18 years old to join our swim team program.  Tryouts for new members will be scheduled prior to the start of the season.  The Marlboro Marlins Swim Team competes in the Monmouth County Swimming Conference.  The Conference is comprised of teams from area swim clubs and it shares the common goal of promoting sportsmanship, fair play and the sport of competitive swimming.  The season consists of dual meets and culminates with the Monmouth County Swimming Conference Championships.  Dual meets are usually scheduled on Wedneday evenings and Saturday mornings during the months of June and July.  

Throughout the season, our swim club will enrich the team's enthusiasm with a number of social events such as the annual pasta party, charity swim marathon and ice cream party.  At the season's end, there is an awards dinner which is held at a local banquet hall.  Awards are presented to all of the swimmers who participated during the summer according to the requirements established by the swim team's parent board.

The swim team program is for those families and individuals who are serious about competitive swimming and are willing to contribute their time to the team and strive for their personal best.  The parents of each swimmer will be required to make a comittment and volunteer their time.  They will be expected to participate on numerous committees, social events, and work at swim meets.  Members of the team will be expected to attend practices and meets on a regular basis.

Starting June 2 thru June 19, the swim club facility is open week days for Swim Team use only.  
Any other children not on the team must stay in the snack bar area during practice time.  There should be no children on the playgrounds, pool decks, etc.  We ask that all parents/guardians adhere to these safety guidelines.
Effective June 22, the club will be open to all members and ID's are required at the gate.

A note for our coaches, parent board, and parent volunteers:

"...anyone can host a swim meet, but it takes great effort to do it well; it's like a puzzle, you need all the pieces for the whole picture; many people took a piece today; thank you for your efforts and hard work in making today a success."  Fred Schafler