Marietta Soccer League: Welcome



 Teams are set, coaches have rosters and should be contacting parents in the next few days.  Field map is shown below.  When the coaches contact you, they will informing you of a filed number that the team is practicing on.  The map will get you in the right spot. 

Referee License Classes to be held in March.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is 14 or older or will be turning 14 ANYTIME in 2018. 

Many benefits of being a ref: 

  1. Referees are paid
  2. Learn the Laws of the Game
  3. Develop a new perspective and learn the game better
  4. Learn Leadership and Management skills
  5. Exercise
  6. Work with and Learn from experienced referees
  7. Receive immediate feedback and training during games while our Ref Coordinator monitors during all rec league games

 If you are interested, please follow the link to get your name on the class list or email Karl at with questions.

Interested? Complete the following form.


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