Marietta Soccer League: Welcome

Games from October 8 that were cancelled have been rescheduled for Saturday, October 28.

We will begin earlier than usual due to this being trick or treat night. Moving game times will give you plenty of time to get your kiddos ready for tirck or treat.

You will be receiving an email with the specifics for your game but game times are as follows:

1:00 games moved to 10:00 am

2:15 games moved to 11:115 am

3:30 games moved to 12:30pm  

The revised U10 schedule is now posted.  When doing the original schedule, we had an unequal dispersment of games for the teams a team played other 3-4 times and not other teams.  We have evened out the schedule and all teams play each other at least once and no more than 2 times.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, this is best for all teams involved. 

After several requests, we are reviewing the U10 schedule and will be making some changes to equal out play more. We will do everything we can to have the updated schedule out before the end of the day. For those of you have already put the schedule in your phones and calendars, we apologize. In the end, this will best for all teams.

Coaches have been had their meeting and received their rosters.  You should be hearing from your coach in the very near future.




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