Margate Pony Elite Baseball and Softball League, Inc.: 2015 Spring Divisions

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Pre-Tee (3 1/2 & 4 yrs)
The Pre-T Ball Division is a non competitive Division to help teach players basics of the game of baseball.

Shetland (5 & 6 yrs)
The T-Ball division is where your child will learn basic baseball skills and the concept of competition.

Pinto (7 & 8 yrs)
The Pinto division is for children ages 7 & 8. In this division players learn how to hit a coach-pitched ball, and learn more detailed skills of baseball.

Mustang (9 & 10 yrs)
The Mustang division teaches situational defensive play and hitting strategies.

Bronco (11 & 12 yrs)
The Bronco division is where players will start to pick up on the coaches game plan and learn baseball inside and out.

Pony (13 & 14 yrs)
The Pony division will get the players ready to compete at the High School level.