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April 2009   
Happy to report I'm a member of the VEGA family. I have been using Vega as part of my nutrition for a few years now. Vega is whole food plant-based nutrition. I'm looking forward to trying out all the new stuff... Vega Sport, Smoothie Infusion and the MacaSure organic chocolate bar! I already LOVE the whole food vibrance bars, especially chocolate!

My article on Tour of the Himalayas published in the Canadian multisport magazine "breathe"

Sep 14-20, 2008    Tour-Trans-Austria report blog

Sep 14, 2007    Just made it back from Islamabad, Pakistan from an epic week in the Himalayas! I felt very fortunate to be a part of this event and to spend time with an incredible group of people - racers, organizers, volunteers and meeting locals. How cool was it to be amongst racers from eight different countries and we all got along superbly... It was definitely a hearty person that needed to make this trip as it was an adventure with many different unexpected variables thrown at us. It was best to be "relaxed" with the ever-changing agenda and dealing with "Pakistani time" of getting things underway - eventually! There was a day where we weren't sure when we would get our next meal... though not once did anyone complain. Racers faced stomach illness and persevered to participate in the event. Comradry was key and learning that Pakistan is a great country to visit despite the ongoings in the political world we see in the news. Pakistan PHOTOS   Himalayas Reports