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Welcome to the Maplewood MAKOS eteamz website!

This website was created to keep swimmers and their families up to date with information regarding the Maplewood MAKOS summer swim team. Use the tabs on the left to answer any questions you may have about the team. G-O MAKOS!!


Maplewood Makos
Summer Swim Team Guide

The Maplewood Swim Team

North Jersey Summer Swim League. The Maplewood Makos Swim Team is a member of the North Jersey Summer Swim League.  The League is comprised of 20 towns in the North Jersey Area.  The league is divided into 4 Divisions.  For 2014, we will compete in Division 3 with Cedar Grove, West Caldwell, Springfield and Livingston.

Team Mission.  The mission of the Maplewood Makos Swim team is to:

·       Provide swimmers with positive experiences through competitive swimming

·       Develop proper and efficient competitive technique 

·        Cultivate young members of our town through fundraisers and other charity work

·      Instill the values of dedication, commitment, good sportsmanship, and valued friendships

Coaching Staff

·         Dara Roughly: head coach & 15 & Over age group coach

·         Jamal Mills: 13 & 14 age group coach

* Keri Hoovler: 11 & 12 age group coach

·         Jane Ehlers: 9 & 10 age group coach

·         Erin Carragher: 8 & Under age group coach

Team Communications. The main forum for communication is through the Maplewood Makos website: and our email blasts, which are run through the designated age group parent representative for the season.

Swim Meet &/or Practice Cancellation. In the event of a meet or practice cancellation due to weather, an email will be sent to all families and information will be posted on the website. There is no phone chain.


Swim Meets, Practice Schedule, & Attendance

The Summer Swim season starts after the SOMSD year ends and continues through the month of July.  The season consists of practices, team meets, Divisional Meet and the Meet of Champions.  The season’s meet schedule and any amendments can be found as separate document administered via email, on the team website, and at our pre-season parent meeting.

Practice Schedule. 

For the month of June the Makos will practice on Saturdays from 8am – 9/9:30am

June 26th – July 30 th practice runs Monday – Friday from 7am – 8:45am.

 Practice Attendance. All swimmers are expected to be in attendance daily.  Should conflicts, illness, or medical emergencies arise, please notify your age group coach.  Excessive absences will result in the removal from competitions, unless otherwise discussed with the head coach.

Swim Meet Attendance. This season’s dates and times are outlined on the calendar provided on the team website and distributed at our parent meeting.  It is expected that all swimmers are in attendance of at least 75% of all competitive events.  In the event of an emergency, please notify your age group coach immediately.  Should your swimmer not attend a meet without any prior notification, s/he will be removed from the subsequent competition.  Should this incident occur twice, the swimmer will be removed from the remainder of the meets held that season.

Meet Line-Up

Swimmers swim in age categories by basic strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.  There are also Individual Medleys, Medley Relays and Freestyle Relays.  To the extent possible, coaches will schedule Bonus Heats for swimmers who attend the meet but were not entered into an event.  This gives swimmers an additional opportunity to swim and build a time history for a particular stroke.   Coaches place swimmers in strokes the swimmer can comfortably swim or in which the swimmer times well.  This does not mean a swimmer will continually swim the same stroke, be placed in the stroke they like the best or be scheduled to swim an event in every meet.  Assignments may change at the meet should a swimmer not show up.

Swimmers and parents are asked to respect the coaches’ meet assignments.  Please do not ask for changes to the assignments when at the meet.  This disrupts the meet and causes confusion, not only for the coaching staff but also for the officials, scorers, ribbon writers and, most importantly for the swimmer.

Please note that jewelry is NOT permitted during competition. Any swimmers wearing any type of physical decoration (earrings, watches, wrist bands, hair ties, etc…) will be disqualified from the swim meet.


Swimmer & Parent Conduct

The summer swim team is designed to be a positive, learning experience for everyone involved – swimmers and parents alike.  As such, negative behaviors that include, but are not limited to, harassment, bullying, or intimidation are not tolerated.  Any swimmer or parent discovered to be encouraging or acting on these behaviors will be removed from the team immediately.

Examples of zero tolerated behavior include: vulgar or offensive language, physical aggression of any kind (hitting, spitting, throwing things), internet harassment, inappropriate gestures, derogatory treatment towards another individual, etc…

Swimmers and parents are responsible for reporting any of these behaviors as well.  Please notify the head coach via email with a detailed concern and it will be examined thoroughly.  The reporter will remain anonymous to the best of our ability.

Swim Meet Etiquette. Official League Rules: Parents and swimmers are NOT allowed to approach the scoring table during a meet.  Results from events must be recorded as they occur to ensure that scores are ready at the end of the meet and awards distributed as soon as possible.  Volunteers at the scoring table must focus on their tasks at the table.

Swimmers, coaches, and timers are the only individuals allowed behind the blocks.



1.      To participate on the Maplewood Makos Swim Team, there is a $25 dues fee.  These dues afford your swimmer a competitive bathing cap, team t-shirt, team photo, end of season gift, and party.  Failure to submit these dues will result in your swimmer not receiving these items or being able to compete in the divisional championships. 

2.      We encourage non-perishable food donations throughout the season.  The Makos work with a not-for-profit organization Swim For Food, who distribute food donations to local pantries.  This is also a league competition, ranking teams by weight of donations.

3.      Throughout the season we will also have fundraisers.  Our primary one is our annual swim-a-thon.  We raise money for a community foundation in need.  This selection is made at the beginning of every season; should you have an idea, please share it.