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Last updated
05-02-16 01:46 PM
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Maple Park Baseball League
Keith A. Pettigrew, Jr.
2613 Cottonwood Drive
Florence, South Carolina

Thursday, April 28
Maple Park 2016 Season




Maple Park - Where Sportsmanship Begins!


Welcome to Maple Park Baseball 2016!!



Check site for schedules and for scores and standings as well!! 


Next up.....

Raffle Tickets 

Teams/Team Moms raffle tickets to sale to qualify for our derbys on Maple Park Fun Night can be picked up in the Park concessions starting Monday April 19th.  Each teams players are asked to sale a pack of 25 tickets to help out the park fundraising.  For Small Fry, Minors and Majors players to qualify for the various derbys to be held each player is required to sale at least 50 tickets or to 2 packs of tickets.  In the Pee Wee division each player that sells his 25 tickets can enter the Pee Wee derbys.  There is certainly no limit on how many tickets can be sold and there will be a prize given to the player with the most tickets sold.  There will also be 1 team party rewarded to the team with the most tickets sold by all the teams. 

More tickets can be signed out from the Concessions if needed! 


Maple Park Fun Night

This years fun night is scheduled for Saturday May 14th.  The nights events will be begin following the completion of the morning and afternoon games on that day.  The events should begin at 5:00pm.  There will be the various derby events taking place on both the Pee Wee/Small Fry and Minor/Majors fields.  The events include:

Pee Wee players - a base running relay and a accurate throw contest

Smal Fry players - a accurate throw contest and a homerun contest

Minors players - a bunting contest and a homerun contest

Majors players - a bunting contest and a homerun contest

All qualifying players will receive a Derby tshirt. Great prizes will be awarded for all event winners and runners up!!

Players begin practicing for your age groups events and good luck to everyone!!

The drawing for the raffle prizes will take place over the course of the evening so come out and listen up you may be a winner!    

Along with these events there will be other fun things to do for a small donation such as a speed gun booth with a prize and a dunking booth to name some.  There will be great food available to purchase as well.  The night will conclude with the much anticipated Coaches softball game.  This game will match the coaches from the Pee Wee /Small Fry teams and the Minors/ Majors teams coaches.   Make your plans to attend this fun evening at the park!!!!     



Congratulations to all teams on a great first half of the 2016 baseball season!!!!

There have been some great games played in every age division and everyone needs to congratulate all the teams!

A special congratulation needs to go out to the (co)winners of the Majors, Minors, and Small Fry divisions!  Each one of these divisions finished the first half in a tie for first!  There will be a tie breaker game played at the end of the season to break the ties.  So good luck to each of these teams!

Small Fry

Arazie (6-2) and Canal Wood(6-2)


Seasons Psy-SPA(6-2) and Welch & Bonds(6-2)


Florence Toyota(5-3) and Groucho's(5-3)   



FYI.... In each of the following divisions there will be a first half winner and a second half winner --(Small Fry, Minors, Majors).  If both halves are not won by same team then there will be a final game played to determine the overall season winner at the conclusion of the season. 

First half standings have been saved and removed so we can begin second half.  Total standings will be included at the conclusion of the second half.       



 Keep sending or texting in those score teams!!! Also any homeruns!! (Need HRs from Small Fry!!)








Once the Season gets underway!  Keep informed by checking here regularly.  Please

notify of scores(text # 616-6388)  so website can be kept up todate!







It is time to advertise!  If you are interested or know of anyone interested in helping out the league by being a team and/or sign sponsor(located on outfield fences) please contact any board member or send an email to  This is a great way to advertise and to show great support for our players! 

*For Team or Sign Sponsor Forms with additional information check the Handouts section of this website.


Other information 



All Division's Schedules on line!   

All Scores will be posted as soon as possible once received.....





Coaches !!!

Coaches please don't forget to attend your certification class(s) and (re)join NAYS.


Also all coaches must go online to and pay there coaching fees!

Coaches Clinics


First Year Coaches 

**Must attend 1 first half class and 1 second half class as well as joining  NAYS. ** 



If you are certified in another sport, and want to be certified in baseball or softball, then you
should attend one of the second half clinics sessions only. Also, if you are certified in baseball
and want to be certified in softball (and vice-versa), then you need to attend one of the second
half clinics (for sport specific training).
If you have any questions or to clarify certification, please contact Matt Watts at 665-3253.



(If still needing to get certified contact Matt Watts at City Rec 665-3253) 


Returning Coaches

**Must attend a class as well as updating NAYS. **

  **If you have any questions concerning certification or clinics contact Matt Watts at 665-3253.**



   Note as the season gets underway:

Coaches please send your scores to the email listed(  or have someone send them in so we can keep the standings current! (Also keep updating on any out of the park Homeruns)



More to come!!!.....



Monday, May 2
Homeruns 2016





Homeruns - 2016

Pee Wee - 2016

Small Fry - 2016

Cooper Wall - Canal Wood  (vs. The Citizen's Bank  3/19/2016) - 1

Avery Weaver - Canal Wood (vs. PDK 4/13/2016) - 1 

Eric Johns - The Citizen's Bank(vs. Canal Wood 4/18/2016) - 2  (has 2 more need report on)

Minors - 2016 

Majors - 2016 

Kyle Martin  - Cardinal Tire(vs Florence Toyota 4/27/2016) - 1 

Pate Marlowe - Florence Toyota(vs. Groucho's 4/7/2016) - 1

Pate Marlowe - Florence Toyota(vs. Naturally Outdoors 4/16/2016) - 1 

Parker Winfield-Florence Toyota(vs. Groucho's 4/7/2016) - 1 

Jayden Earle - Groucho's (vs. Naturally Outdoors 3/23/2016) - 1

Jayden Earle - Groucho's (vs. Naturally Outdoors 4/11/2016) - 1

Jayden Earle - Groucho's (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/30/2016) - 1

Seth Evans - Groucho's (vs Naturally Outdoors 4/28/2016) - 2 

Coleman Kelly - Groucho's (vs. Florence Toyota 3/19/2016) - 1

Coleman Kelly - Groucho's (vs. Florence Toyota 4/19/2016) - 1  

Coleman Kelly - Groucho's (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/23/2016) - 1  

Dalton Moody - Groucho's (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/23/2016) - 1  

Nick Palke -    Groucho's (vs. Florence Toyota 4/19/2016) - 1  

Stephen Smalls - Groucho's (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/23/2016) - 1  

Gage Benson - Naturally Outdoors (vs. Florence Toyota 4/21/2016) - 1  

Harley Davis - Naturally Outdoors (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/9/2016) - 1 

Juelz Lucas -  Naturally Outdoors (vs. Florence Toyota 3/21/2016) - 1 

Juelz Lucas -  Naturally Outdoors (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/9/2016) - 1 

Juelz Lucas -  Naturally Outdoors (vs. Cardinal Tire 4/18/2016) - 1



Maple Park Baseball League
Maple Park Baseball League
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