Maple Creek Soccer Club: Sponsor Program

The Maple Creek Soccer Club is dedicated to providing the opportunity for our children to participate in recreational soccer by teaching and demonstrating soccer skills, sportsmanship, honesty, respect, and fair play. To be successful, the Maple Creek Soccer Club requires a tremendous amount of support from the local community. Your tax-deductible donation helps offset the cost of equipment, operational expenses, league fees, and training for coaches and referees.

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

Your help and support will ensure Maple Creek area children are provided a positive soccer experience. As an individual or local business involved with the Maple Creek Soccer Club, you will benefit by being recognized for your goodwill and support of youth soccer.

How to Become a Maple Creek Soccer Club Sponsor

To become a Maple Creek Soccer Club sponsor, e-mail Jeff McClelland at

Maple Creek Soccer Club Sponsor Tiers

We will gladly accept any donated amount, but if you choose to match one of the following sponsor tiers, you or your company will receive the following benefits.
  • Gold Sponsor ($1,000 donation)
  • Silver Sponsor ($500 donation)
  • Bronze Sponsor ($250 donation)





Name/Company Recognition on Maple Creek Soccer Club Website

Advertisement in the Fresno Bee

Invitation to Sponsored Team End of Year Party

Name/Company Recognition on Sponsored Team's Uniform (Logo or Name)


"Thank You" Plaque from the Sponsored Team


Name/Company Recognition on Sponsored Team's Player’s Trophies



"Thank You" Letter from the Sponsored Team



For full media coverage and acknowledgement during the Maple Creek Soccer Club season, we must have your contribution on or before September 1st of the current season.