Man Up and Run It: Welcome

Registration begins 11/01/2011. Late registration 02/01/2012 through 03/16/2012. fees will change after 02/01/2012. Race for Half Marathon begins at 0700 MST. 10k will start at 0715 MST.
Man Up and Run Half Marathon, 10K run and 5K walk **March 17, 2012**

Hello Runners and Walkers! :)

We are a newly formed running club in Tuba City,Arizona. This grassroots running club has hosted a 2011 summer running series "Man Up and Run It" for our community of Tuba City. We are hoping to host an annual Half Marathon, Relay runs, and an annual summer running series. We work closely with the younger runners and coaches of our community.

The purpose of our running club is to provide opportunities for our young Athletes to pursue their dreams through the sport of running. We as an organization believe that the attributes the runners learn from Cross Country will help them achieve much success in college education, military service, vocational schools, and the raising of their own famillies. We know with your positive support and your love for running and or walking we will all benefit from community involvement by promoting physical activity with healthier choices. We have organized a few races for the TCHS Boys and Girls Cross Country Club at the Tuba City High School and helped the students raise money for any sporting equipment and any racing fees not covered by their school district.

We are expecting at least one hundred runners and walkers to attend our running/walking events and more than one thousand others outside of our surrounding communities will hear about our events through our website and upcoming newsletters.

We are hoping to bring back the tradition of reservation running and strong, positive community involvement.

Once again, we thank you for your dedicated effort directed toward our athletic organization. It is exciting to see strong and enthusiastic support from local and outside of our communities! We strongly invite you to attend one of our events as well as events to come!