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Sunday, March 31
2013 Select Season

The official 2013 Select Season is now underway.  We have a fantastic team, perhaps one of the best talented teams I have ever coached.  

As always, our new uniforms set the standard and are unmatched.  This year's design and colors were selected by Eric Wood Jr.  He did a fantastic job!   

Our team this year has already won four First place trophies, one Second place trophy, and two Third place trophies.  

This past weekend out team played in the Calm Before the Storm tournament in Fort Worth, Texas, and beat the Dallas Seawolves and TX The Dream Select.  

We have one of the most busiest schedules in all of AAU/summer ball, playing a total of 19 tournaments in four months. 

I believe our team is dedicated to getting better and will put in the work.  By the time July comes -- Watch Out! 

Thursday, January 19
2012 Season Set to Begin

Mansfield Select will kick off its seventh year on January 21, 2012, in Carrollton, Texas.  The team will use tournaments in January and February as tryouts.  Anyone interested in trying out should contact Coach E at 817-903-7827.  The final 2012 Mansfield Select team will be announced on March 1, 2012.

 Good luck everyone!!!  

Saturday, February 5
2011 Mansfield Select Season Calendar Complete

After hours of consideration and planning, I have completed our 2011 Season Calendar.  MS will compete in fourteen top-level tournaments between March and July, with a possible fifteenth tournament slotted for early August.  The tournaments will take us to Arkansas, Kansas, Houston, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. 

MS will pay more than $5,700 this year in tournament entrance fees to enable our players the opportunity to compete against the best talent in the nation, in excellent facilities, with the maximum opportunity for exposure.  

In addition to the above tournament costs, MS will spend more than $1,400 for gym rentals and materials to host the Select Basketball College (SBC) - see entry below for complete details about the SBC.  

Finally, MS will pay more than $1,300 in gym rentals for team practices throughout the season.  

This will undoubtedly be another fantastic year for the players of Mansfield Select!

The Second Coming by Juelz Santana

Friday, February 4
New for the 2011 Season - Select Basketball College

Coaches constantly work to build team cohesiveness and success by teaching players the team's offense and defense, the team's press and trap, the team's press and trap break, the team's transition offense and defense, the team's inbounds plays, and the team's inbounds defense. 

All too often, the desire to build a team's cohesiveness and success overrides the desire to build individual player skills, knowledge and abilities.  The usual end result, if all goes well, is a successful team, but individual player development is almost always overlooked, if not completely ignored. 

In addition to building the best team possible, coaches seek tournaments that will give their players the maximum opportunity for exposure.  While the importance of playing in well-known, high profile tournaments to garner exposure cannot be understated, the importance of individual player development is far more critical.  Players can receive all the exposure in the world, but it's all for nothing if they lack basic individual skills and cannot dribble effectively under pressure, shoot with consistency, play under control and on two-feet, defend the shot and dribble drive, or make smart decisions. 

In light of the tremendous importance of developing individual skills, I have created the Select Basketball College(SBC).  SBC is a two day, intensive, training event dedicated to individual skill building and development.  Instruction will include lecture, video demonstrations, on-court instruction and practice, and finally a team video breakdown session of the on-court practice.  A majority of the curriculum to be taught comes directly from world renowned PGC Basketball, formerly known as the Point Guard College. 

I have dedicated one weekend per month for SBC.  I look forward to seeing our players grow, not only as a TEAM but INDIVIDUALLY as well!

Monday, January 31
2011 Season Set to Begin!

Mansfield Select will begin its sixth season in March.   Tryouts will begin on Saturday  February 12, 2011.  We are scheduled to hold four tryouts - February 12, February 13, February 19 and February 20, 2011.  Please check this website for specific times and locations of the tryouts, which will be posted by February 4, 2011.  Tryouts are by invitation only, so if you are interested in trying-out please contact me at 817-903-7827. 

This year, Select will have one 17U Elite Traveling Team.  It is sure to be another successful year, wherein these young men learn about life through sports and mentorship. 

As always, Select spares no expense when it comes to uniforms, travel and entrance into the Nations top tournaments.  Select players will have home and away customized jerseys, customized shooting pants, four (yes, that's right) shooting shirts, two (yes, that's right) pair of team shoes, and a rolling duffle.  In addition to playing in several of the top tournaments in the DFW area, Select is scheduled to travel to Kansas, San Antonio, Arkansas, and Las Vegas.   

Thanks to everyone that has made Select what it is.     

Tuesday, January 19
2010 Season Set to Begin

Mansfield Select will begin its fifth season in March.   I have received a tremendous amount of e-mails and phone calls asking about try-outs.  I am still accepting players who want to try-out.  If interested, please call me at 817-903-7827. 

This year, Select is playing up and will have both 9th and 10th graders filling out the roster.  It is sure to be another successful year, wherein these young men learn about life through sports and mentorship. 

As always, Select spares no expense when it comes to uniforms, travel and entrance into the Nations top tournaments.  Select players will have home and away customized jerseys, customized shooting pants, three (yes, that's right) shooting shirts, two (yes, that's right) pair of team shoes, and a rolling duffle.  In addition to several of the top tournaments in the DFW area, Select will travel to Kansas, San Antonio, Houston, Arkansas, Louisana, and Las Vegas.

Thanks to everyone that has made Select what it is.     

Sunday, October 5
2008 Off-Season and Tryouts

Mansfield Select began their 2008 Off-Season on October 1, 2008.  In conjunction with the Off-Season practices and workouts, Select is now holding tryouts for its 2009 Season.  Anyone interested in trying out for Mansfield Select should contact Coach E at 817-903-7827. 

The 2008 Off-Season will include five tournaments and approximately 15 skill-building practices.  Select will use this time to introduce the teams' new offense, improve individual skills, and enhance conditioning and timing in anticipation of school basketball tryouts. 

As usual, Mansfield Select will be introducing new custom uniforms and shooter shirts this year, which remains just one of the many things that sets Select apart from the rest.  Additionally, Select will have two teams this year, a black and a red team.  Both teams will play a minimum of two tournaments a month and practice twice a week.  The black team will most likely play three or four tournaments a month and will travel to several in-state and out-of-state tournaments, including Florida. 

Mansfield Select prides itself on providing nearly 100 games per season, providing consistent worthwhile practices, ensuring entry into the most competitive and nationally recognized tournaments, teaching our players how to play on the road by regularly traveling outside of the metroplex, outfitting our players with totally custom and unique  uniforms and shooter shirts, and on teaching our players the importance of being a person of strong character by holding bi-monthly Heart of Champion meetings.   

The participation fees for the 2009 season are as follows:  $420.00 for uniforms, which includes three custom jerseys and three custom shorts, three custom shooter shirts, basketball pants, and a sling pack.  A monthly participation fee of $65.00 will be due by the fifth of each month beginning in January and will continue through the end of our season.   

Friday, April 4
2008 ARC Ultimate Nationals 2nd Place - ALL HEART!!!
Select played five games this past weekend and walked away with the title of 2008 ARC Ultimate National 7th Grade Runner-Up.  Select started the weekend off by beating Team Texas, formerly Prestonwood Panthers, for the first time in two years.  The game came down to the last one and one free throw with (1) second left on the clock.  With the pressure of the world on his shoulders, Select's #22 knocked down the free throw to give Select a 43-42 victory.  Select then played PWP (Playing with Purpose), a very talented team from Oklahoma.  Select didn't play well at all, in fact, Select ended up losing by 28-points, suffering their worst defeat of the year.  How would Select's players respond on Sunday?  Well, they responded like the Champions they are, by beating team rival the Runnin' Rebels, thus guaranteeing a spot in the Championship game.  Select finished pool play by beating Next Level by more than 20-points.  The Championship pitted a rematch between Select and PWP.  Again, how would Select respond after getting beat by 28-points the day before?  We'll let me tell you, they played their hearts out, and were in the game until the last 3 minutes.  Select wound up losing by 14-points, a far cry from the 28-point loss the day before.  PWP shot 17 for 21 at the line and out rebounded Select to secure the victory.  But what a tournament for these talented young men....they beat Team Texas, Beat the Runnin' Rebels and then play PWP down to the wire and take home the team trophy, which reads 2008 ARC Ultimate National 7th Grade Runner-up!!! Outstanding, outstanding.... 

Sunday, March 23
One & One

Select played two games this weekend in the Texas Hoopsters two game Round-Robin.  Select played its first game against the Texas Hoopsters Elite, a good, athletic, quick team that wanted the game.  Select's field goal percentage of 23.1 was a good indication of how the game went.  Select only scored 29 points and made 13 turnovers in their 36 to 29 loss.  With only 10 minutes rest, Select was ready to do battle against the Fort Worth Raptors.  The Raptors led for most of the game, but Select proved too much for the Raptors down the stretch.  Select pulled away with under a minute to go and won the game in dramatic fashion 41 to 39.  Select now prepares for the ARC National Tournament next weekend.  Let's do it!!! 

Thursday, March 20
2008 TAAF State Consolation Champions!!!!

That's right, Select traveled to College Station, Texas, and participated in the 2008 TAAF State Championship.  Select was not only the best dressed team in College Station, but played as one of the best teams in College Station as well.  Select won 4 out of 5 games, winning each of their games by an average margin of 17points.  Their only loss came at the hands of the defending champions Fort Worth Soldiers.  The Soldiers played a terrific first half and Select played sluggish and missed several wide open shots in the first half, which led to a score 11 to 22 at the half.  Select was down by 19points at the start of the 4th quarter.   Select's undying spirit, passion for the game, and competive drive shinned brightly in the 4th quarter, as Select nearly pulled off an amazing come-back, but ended up losing by only 8points.  "It's not how you start, but how you finish."  If they fight like that during a basketball game, just think of what they'll do in life when fighting for their futures...

Select ended up playing the Texas Tarheels in the Consolation Championship on Sunday.  Select continued their dominance, as they rolled past the Tarheels and earned the title as the 2008 TAAF State Consolation Champions.  Not bad for a true 12U squad!!! 

Way to go boys...your coach is very proud of you!!!

Thursday, March 20
Taking Care of Business in Austin, Texas
Select played some of the best basketball of the year during the Austin Shootout, wherein Select played six games in two days.  Select showed their dominance by winning 5 out of the 6 games, to take 1st Place.  The boys played spirited defense, smart offense and collectively were amazing to watch.  They pushed the ball up the court with precision and pressured the ball like white on rice.  The boys had a blast on their first traveling trip of the year, eating out, watching movies in the van, and spending time together.  It's going to be a great year!!!

Thursday, March 20
Champions and 5th Place all in one weekend!!

Select started the weekend off by dominating all competition in the Grand Prairie TAAF Tournament, and thereby winning the TAAF Championship.  That's right, Select went undefeated throughout the year and in the tournament to capture 1st place, the trophies and the title of best 12U team in Grand Prairie.  Congrats to Select for their hard work and great play. 

After playing two games in the morning, Select traveled to Carrollton, Texas, and played in the 8th grade division of the Primetime Winter Blast.  Select's first game was against Next Step (who ended up winning the tournament).  Select missed several easy baskets, played a little scared and wound up losing by 20points.  Select's next game was against McDowell's Undertakers from Waco, Texas.  Select started off the game on fire, getting out to an early 8-point lead, but Select just didn't have enough and ended up losing by 20points.  On Sunday, Select was determined to come up with at least one win in the 8th grade bracket, and that they did.  They ended up facing the Fort Worth Raptures for 5th Place.  The game was back and forth, with several lead changes, difficult shots, great defense and flat-out hustle.  Select would prove too much down the stretch and went on to win by 5points, and thus taking 5th Place.  All in all, it was a great weekend for Select.  The team is getting better and better with each outing.   

Sunday, February 10
Almost!!!But 3rd is better than 4th!!!
Select played its 4th tournament of the year on February 9-10, 2008.  Select started the tournament by demolishing the Decator Eagles by 27-points.  Select's next opponent was the Denton Knights.  Select was up early, but let the lead slip away as the game went on.  Select had spurts of greatest but in the end, the Knights would hand Select its 4th fourth loss of the season.  Inspired by their lack-luster display against the Knights, Select came out strong against team rivalry Texas Express.  Select led the game by 20-points or more most of the second half and went on to win by 14-points, capturing 3rd Place in the process.  Select is now 15-4 on the season.  Great job Select.

Monday, January 28
Not Our Best!!!
Mansfield Select finished sixth this past weekend in the Primetime Winter Blast.  The shots just wouldn't fall...but you know what they say, "It be like that some time..."  During their first game on Saturday night, Select battled it out with the never say quit Texas Express 7th Grade team, but lost by one when a last second shot by Mansfield Select rolled off the rim in overtime.  Select could not get the ball to fall in their first game on Sunday either, but managed to pull out a victory against the Texas Warriors.  The second game on Sunday pitted Select against the Dallas Mustangs.  By halftime, Select had scored only 7-points, but fortunately had held the Mustangs to only 14-points.  The second half proved unkind for Select, as the Mustangs went on to beat Select by 14-points - the worse loss of the season for Select.  Select will no doubt be back on top, you just wait and see....

Monday, January 21
Champions - Must I Say Anymore!!!!!!
Mansfield Select captured its first Championship of 2008, in only its second tournament of the year, by winning the Winter Games of Texas Primetime Tournament in Frisco, Texas.   Select began the tournament on Saturday by beating a very good Lancaster Celtics team by 30-points.  Saturday night Select faced a very talented, long and disciplined Champion Select team.  The game was tied with 5 seconds left, but when Champion Select fouled on a three point attempt with 1 second left, the game was all but over.  Mansfield Select would hit one out of three foul shots to put the game away by 1 point.  The win put Select in the Championship bracket.  Select's first game on Sunday was against Team Score, who has three players over 6' and are very well coached.   Select executed their offensive sets and played fantastic defense and went on to win the game by 8 points.  The Championship game pitted Select against the Dallas Hoopstars, another very well coached, very aggressive team.  Select stayed to their game plan, stayed focused on their goal and ended up beating the Hoopstars by 18 points, to claim the gold medal and title of 2008 Winter Games Champions.  By winning this tournament, Select has earned an automatic bid into the 2008 TAAF State Championship in College Station, Texas, in March.  Way to go Select on accomplishing one of your many goals for this season. 

Monday, January 7
1st Tournament of 2008!!!! 2nd Place

Select started the year with a convincing win over the Cedar Hill Bulls during league play in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Select’s second game of the day was at 8:00pm against a very competitive and aggressive Texas Express team.  After beating Texas Express, Select rushed home to get a few hours of sleep before the next morning.   


Players, family and coaches were up before sunrise on Sunday morning.  Select made the long drive to Lewisville, and began playing a scrappy Coppell North team at 8:00am. Select would go on to beat Coppell North, which landed Select a spot in the Championship Bracket. 


Select’s second game of the day was against a very long, athletic and extremely talented team from Houston – Houston Select.  The players of Select played together, executed their assignments and beat Houston Select, earning a spot in the Championship game versus All Net. 


The Championship game against All Net was Select’s third game of the day and fifth in two days.   The Championship game was a battle all the way to the end.  Back and forth, back and forth went the score until the very tall All Net team pulled away for good with about two minutes to go in the game.  Our boys never quit and played their hearts out.  It was fun to watch and extremely fun to coach.  Teams better watch out – the 2008 Mansfield Select team is coming through!!!  

Friday, June 27
Champions, once again!!!
Primetime Champions
Mansfield Select won their 4th Championship of the season after blowing out the defending Primetime Grand Champion Little Elm Eagles by 21 points, despite missing Cody Meyers, Select's number three high scorer. Select played flawlessly in all aspects of the game. It was by far their best defensive performance of the season, and their passing was unbelievable. Coach E was very impressed with the heart, passion and desire of every Select player. Select has now won 9 out of their last 10 games. Way to go boys.      

Monday, April 23
Select finishes 2nd at the Houston Kingwood Classic
Folks, these boys are for real. Mansfield Select played some of their best basketball ever to capture 2nd place in the silver division of the world famous 2007 Houston Kingwood Classic. Teams came from all over the world, including, Africa and Australia. Select began the championship day at 10:20 on April 22, 2007, by beating a very good and tall Houston Houstonian team. Select then battled the Houston Cowboys and won 56 to 58. With only nine (9) minutes to rest, Select then took on the Westside Rockets in the championship game. The Rockets had nearly two (2) hours to rest before the championship game. The game was back and forth, all the way to the end. After several controversial calls, game clock malfunctions and scoring errors, the Rockets ended up beating Select by a score of 59 to 55. The young men of Mansfield Select can be proud of their teamwork, tenacious play and unwavering heart in this tournament, as they now hold the record for the best finish of any Mansfield team in the history of the Houston Kingwood Classic. Way to go boys!!!!

Sunday, January 28
Grand Champions!!!!!
That's right. Mansfield Select competed in the January 27-28, 2007, Primetime Winter Blast Tournament, which consisted of 14 6th grade teams from all across the metroplex. Not only was Select crowned undefeated champions of the Blue Division, but they also went on to play the Red Division Champions and beat them as well to become the Grand Champions of the Primetime Winter Blast Tournament. The young men of Mansfield Select played with commitment, courage, passion, and desire. From their prayer before each game to the final buzzer in the last game, these young men played as One Team with One Dream!!!!

Friday, February 16
Another Championship
Mansfield Select captured its 2nd Championship of the season by winning the Primetime Winter Blast February 10 - 11th tournament in Lewisville, Texas. Select gave Coach E a great birthday gift by winning a thriller against team rivals the Running Rebels. Select took their seven game winning streak into the Grand Championship game, but ran out of steam during the 2nd half. Despite the loss, Mansfield Select won its 2nd 1st place trophy of the season. It should be noted that Select was without their starting point guard and starting center during the entire tournament, playing with only six players, but still managed to win another championship. Way to go boys!!!!

Thursday, December 21
2007 Season Schedule Now Updated
The 2007 Basketball Season schedule is now updated. Click the 2006-2007 Calendar tab, or the tournament schedule tab, to review the entire tournament schedule. Please note that the schedule is subject to change, but changes will be the exception rather than the norm. We are scheduled to compete in 19 select tournaments this year, with five to seven of them being out of town. The fundraising schedule has also been updated. I am asking that each family select one of the fundraising dates and organize a fundraiser for the team on that date. With your help and suuport, I'm sure this is going to be a great year for our boys....