Manchester South Little League: Matty Dobens Tournament

Tournament Director Kim Roy    email:

History of The Maty Doben's - A south tradition

2013 Matty Dobens Tournament Schedule

Manchester South Little League

2013 Matty Dobens Tournament Schedule

Round Robin Schedule and Results:

(Date, Time & Field locations may change due to District Tournament Games.)

 * Night Game




  • Round Robin – 1 Divisions - each team gets at least 5 games.
  • Top Three teams in division make playoffs.
  • Playoffs will be a 3 Team Double Elimination Format.
  • In case of tie:


               Tie Breaker 1:  Head to Head 

   Tie Breaker 2:  Run Differential against teams tied only, then to tie breaker 1. 


  • Regular Season Major Rules.
  • Coin Toss for home/away or choice of dugouts.
  • Team traveling the furthest gets to call.
  • League age 12 years olds will be allowed to play but may not pitch.
  • Protest must be made before the next pitch or play, and must be resolved before play can resume.