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Monday, April 14
South Little League Upcoming events!!

Field Clean-up Thank You!!
On behalf of the Board of Directors, and Manchester South Little League, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the people who came down to the park and helped during our Field Clean-up Day. Thank You to everyone that made it to the fields today, your help today will make South a better place to play baseball and have fun!!!

Wednesday April 16th- Scorer's Clinic 7:00 PM
Want a dry, warm seat with the best view in the house?  Check out the Scorer’s Booth.  Each team for Farm, Minors & Majors has to provide a scorer for all games. It is required that all teams have at least 1 representative attend this clinic....

Monday April 21st- General Meeting 7:00 PM
The General Meeting is open to all Coaches, Mangers and Parents. It a a great opportunity to meet the Board of Directors and find out whats going on this year in Manchester South Little League!!!  Please note, that all Managers are required to attend this meeting.

Saturday, May 3rd- Pepsi Refresh project!
South has been chosen by Pepsi as its recipient of the 2014 Pepsi Refresh project!  On Saturday, May 3rd Pepsi will join forces with South volunteers to tackle various projects to help “refresh” South.  Some projects planned are shrub removal from the fences, a drainage project, painting and much more.  Please put it on your calendars.  We will have a day of working while enjoying camaraderie, food and even entertainment.  Working to keep South Great!?

Volunteer Forms

For the safety of the children, any adult that helps out on the field must fill out volunteer forms.  Please make sure all assistant coaches & team parents fill them out and get them back to your manager ASAP

For all of the latest news and information about the upcoming 2014 season, be sure to checkout our website @ We can also be found on Facebook @ or on Twitter @ManchSouthLL.

Congratulations to our 2014 South Little League Board of Directors!

Last Monday South Little League had their Annual Fall General Meeting & General Elections. Thank You to everyone that attended. This year we had a few position changes & two new Board Members!!  Election results are below…  

President– Kim Roy
Vice President- Al Beauchemin
Director of Majors- Gino Edwards
Director of Minors- John Dunham
Director of Farm- Pat Ohrt
Director of Coach Pitch/TBall- Sarah Arndt
Secretary- Melissa Talbot
Treasurer- Ray Quagliani
Player Agent- Melanie Mondor
Sponsor & Information Officer- Lennie Hodgkins
Equipment Director- Tim Pike
Umpire-in-Chief- Jason Robarge
Head Scorer- Ron Fussell
Concession Manager- Jenn Anderson
Safety Officer- Denise Gookin
Director At Large-  Tina Fussell
Director At Large- Melissa Hodgkins
Director At Large- Vicki Quagliani 

Manchester South Little League expanded boundaries!!!

Manchester South Little League is excited to announce the expansion of our existing league boundaries!  The below map shows both the existing boundary and the newly acquired area of Litchfield. So if you have any friends or family in the town of Litchfield that would be interested in playing Little League Baseball, be sure to let them know!!!  We look forward to serving the communities of Southern Manchester & Litchfield this upcoming season! 


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Saturday, February 5
Little League places ban on composite baseball bats

The Little League International Board of Directors Executive Committee, which operates all divisions of Little League Baseball, including the Little League World Series, has issued an immediate and complete moratorium on the use of composite bats.

Composite bats, which sell for upwards of $300, first popped onto the amateur baseball scene in the early 2000s.  Made of not only aluminum, but also wrapped in woven graphite, they generate far more power and allow for faster bat speeds via better swing weight management.

Today, Little League decided that the technology was beginning to put youth at risk.  When struck well, baseballs will fly off of composite bats at much higher rates of speed than regular old aluminum models

 Information on the composite baseball bats that have received waivers for the Little League (Majors) Baseball Division and below can be found here:

Wooden and aluminum metal/alloy bats are not subject to the moratorium. Bats that have only a metal or alloy barrel (and no other material, unless it is in the end cap of the bat), and if it meets the other standards (length, diameter, etc. for the respective division in which it is used) are not subject to the moratorium, regardless of the composition of the handle or the transition to the barrel.

A listing of licensed, non-wood/non-composite baseball bats for use in the Little League (Majors) Division and below can be found here:

Manchester South Little League is now on Twitter!!

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