Manchester South Little League: Links to other Sites

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NH District 1 Little League
This is the District website for all the 26 Little Leagues playing within NH District 1.

Baseball Dictionary
Baseball Dictionary
Welcome to our Baseball and Physics Dictionary. Use this dictionary to find out more about those baseball terms that you've always wondered about. Or you can use even use this as a quick reference to look up physics terms discussed in this site.

Web Ball
A virtual on-line baseball clinic, with printable tips and drills for everyone.

BaseBall links
Baseball Links
News, stats, software, history and tons of information for baseball.

Science of BaseBall
The Science of Baseball
Why does a curveball curve, a home run go 400+ feet? Learn here.

Barton's Youth Baseball
As part of their continuing effort toward rekindling interest in youth baseball (the competition seemingly growing on a daily basis), we've put together this site where coaches, players and parents can get information, tips and drills about playing this great game of baseball.   

Jim's Baseball Rules and Answers
Almost any baseball rule is explained in detail here.

Math BaseBall
Math Baseball
Improve your math skills while playing baseball! This site is interactive, for one or two players, and has different levels of difficulty. Batter up!

Baseball rules
Interactive Baseball Rules
Test your knowledge of baseball rules.

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Little League Headquarters
The official home of Little League Baseball.

Baseball Scorecard
The Baseball Scorecard - A Scoring Tutorial
A great online reference for scorer's.