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Thank You!!!

Thank you to all the players, families, coaches, team parents, referees, sponsors, and to everyone who helped make 2014 such a fun season. We hope all the players had fun this season & are looking forward to making next year even better!

Congratulations to our Division Champions U14s Zeta, U16s Fratellos and our U8 and U10 All Stars. Congratulations to our U12 city champions Hannafords & to A Market for making it to the Kohls Cup finals!! It was a great season at Manchester South Junior Soccer League.

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Enjoy your winter!! We will working hard during the off season to make 2015 a great season for everyone!! If you would like to get involved please be on the look out for our General Meeting & upcoming board elections in March!

Thank you again,
Manchester South Junior Soccer League

U12 City Champs!!

Congratulations to Hannafords on winning the 2014 Andy Wilson city championship win a 3-2 victory over Manchester North.



Saturday, October 18
Way to go Manchester South Soccer!!

All three of our teams have advanced to the Finals of the 2014 Andy Wilson Tournament tomorrow at Livingston Park.

Hannafords will be playing North at 11:45am

Zeta will be playing West at 11:00am

Fratellos be playing North at 12:45pm

Great job to all three teams from Manchester South & please come down to Livingston Park tomorrow & cheer on our teams.. GO SOUTH!!!

Friday, October 17
Congratulations to our 2014 Manchester South Division Champions!!

U12 - Hannafords
U14 - Zeta
U16 - Fratellos

Concession Stand now accepting Credit Cards!!

We are happy to announce that Manchester South Jr. Soccer League is now accepting credit cards & concession cards at the concession stand!!

You now have the convenience, of using cash, credit or concession cards!! Stop by the concession stand and save yourself $5.00! Use your credit card to purchase a prepaid $30.00 concession card for $25.00!!


Manchester South Soccer Night at the Revs!! Saturday October 4th!!!

Just a reminder, next Saturday night October 4th is Manchester South Soccer’s Night at the Revs!!!  

Join your Manchester South teammates, families and friends to watch World Cup star Jermaine Jones, Manchester’s own Charlie Davies and rest of the the Revs take on the Columbus Crew.

To order tickets, please visit the following link:

Special Offer Code: REVOLUTION  

For Team orders or general questions, please contact Revs Account Representative Richard Powell at 508-384-9285 or  


Coachs & Parents pickup game!!

Due to the positive response we received, We will be having a another coachs & parents pickup game this Friday (Oct 3rd) at 7:00 at South. Again the game is open to all parents and coaches would like to play.

Children cannot participate in the coaches' game however they are free to get their own game going on the other field if they would like.

The more the merrier, so if your interested come on down the field this Friday at 7:00!!!

Congratulations to our Cash Calendar Winners!!!

Congratulations to our Cash Calendar Winners!!!

Below is a list of our winners from
9/14/2014 through 10/13/2014 

9/14 – Michele Fontaine - $50
9/15 – Sarah Champagne- $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/16 – Mark Bellemare - $25
9/17 – Kathy Michalak - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/18 – Barbara Stack - $25
9/19 – Mel Martin - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/20 – Kimberly Rossi - $25
9/21 – Debby LaRosee - $50
9/22 – Deana Dubois - $25
9/23 – Caryn Legros - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/24 – Jason Goldsmith - $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card
9/25 - Kate Lehoux - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/26 – Amy Dunn - $25
9/27 – Kelley McNelly - $$50 Dick’s Sporting goods Gift Card
9/28 – The Lianos Family - $50
9/29 – Jim Aiken - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
9/30 – Matt Fluck - $25
10/1 – Mary Ann Cervantes – $25 T- Bones Gift Card
10/2 – Kathleen Holden - $25
10/3 – Stephanie Emery - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
10/4 – Ed Rico - $25
10/5 – Donna Boucher - $50
10/6 – Heidi Beaulieu - $25
10/7 – Tammy Roy - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
10/8 – Janice LeBerge - $20 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card
10/9 – Kimberly Major - $25 Modell’s Gift Card
10/10 – Erin Sullivan - $25
10/11 – Ryder Loughner - $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card
10/12 – Katherine Bouchard - $50
10/13 – Linda Deary - $25 Modell’s Gift Card

The checks & gift cards are in the mail!!

Saturday, October 11
Indoor Soccer!!

This year Manchester South Junior Soccer is organizing indoor coed rec soccer teams!!

Games will be played at the Sports Zone in Derry & teams will be in U10, U12 & U14 divisions.

Cost per player will be $65.00, this includes 8 games, a shirt and a Manchester South Water bottle.

Games will be played on Saturdays, starting November 1st, if interested please email us at

Deadline to register is October 20th!!

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