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Friday, October 9
A note from the concession stand

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has volunteered in the concession stand this season. I would also like to apologize for the growing pains we have experienced in the last few weeks. And I am happy to have this opportunity to thank Martha Harrington for her many years of service to MSJSL.

I am sure we all know that without Martha's tireless efforts and dedication there would have been thousands of hungry and thirsty players and family members through her years as concession stand manager. We wish Martha all the best with all of her future endeavors.

At times the concession stand can be a hot and sweaty place to be. Serving people coffee when the pot is empty or apologizing to customers and refunding money because the fryolator stopped working. Running out of Mozzarella Sticks or Ring Pops. Opening the windows to cool the kitchen off only to be bombarded by customers before we are ready to serve them. All of these things can contribute to a stressful environment. I want to personally apologize to anyone with whom I may have been rude to or short tempered with. Your help is and was greatly appreciated.

The concession stand has seen many changes this season and last season. The selling of Concession Cards. The separating of the candy window and the hot food window. The change in fryolators. The new sale of MSJSL merchandise. The new sanitation system and the on-boarding of Sysco as our food supplier. Pepsi products rather than Coke and many other changes. The changes we have made have resulted in an approximate increase of 50% in revenue and a 65% decrease in wait times over years past. The patience and willingness of the parents to pitch in has always been and will always be what makes it possible to keep the concession stand open and successful. So I truly thank you for all of your efforts and promise a smoother year next year.

Special thanks to Nick Gardner, Kim and Ashley Fudala, Jeff Kimball, Robin Motaraso, Lennie and Melissa Hodgkins, Larry and Nicole Casale for going above and beyond the call of duty on more than a few occasions. This season would have bean a disaster without you.

If any one has any concerns or suggestions as to how we may be able to improve next season, please feel free to email me at,

Have a great winter and see you next season!

My best,

Chef Roland

Sunday, October 4
Congratulations to our Cash Calendar Winners!!!

Congratulations to our Cash Calendar Winners!!!
Below is a list of our winners from9/20/2015 through 10/04/2015
9/20 – Fran Dittbenner - $50
9/21 – Debra Filleul - $25 Nadeaus Gift Certificate
9/22 – Scott Ziemba - $25
9/23 – Liell O'Roucke - $25 Nadeaus Gift Certificate
9/24 – Amy Angerami - $25
9/25 – Heidi Beaulieau - $25 Nadeaus Gift Certificate
9/26 – Cheryl Ducharme - $25
9/27 – Stacey Brown - $50.00 Dicks Sporting Goods
9/28 – Brock Clukey - $25.00 
9/29 – Steve Marquis - $25.00 Cactus Jacks Gift Card
9/30 – Jen Barrett - $20.00 
10/1 – Nancy Dearborn - $25.00 Cactus Jacks Gift Card
10/2 – Brandon Casey - $25.00 
10/3 – Andre Lepage - $50.00 Dicks Sporting Goods
10/4 – Hank Comire - $50.00

The checks & gift cards are in the mail!!

Cash Calendars Due!!

Just a reminder Cash Calendars are now due.  Part of our fundraising efforts we ask each family to sell $50.00 worth of cash calendars. The money that is raised through this fundraiser will be used to help differ league expenses so we can continue to bring inexpensive youth soccer to your child's community.  If for some reason you have not received your cash calendars please let us know.

Pizza by Tommy K’s!!

We are happy to announce that the concession stand is now Pizza by Tommy K’s!! We will be selling cheese for $1.50 & pepperoni for $2.00. So be sure to grab a piping hot slice of Tommy K’s pizza tonight!!



Concession Stand now accepting Credit Cards!!

We are happy to announce that Manchester South Jr. Soccer League is now accepting credit cards & concession cards at the concession stand!!

You now have the convenience, of using cash, credit or concession cards!! Stop by the concession stand and save yourself $5.00! Use your credit card to purchase a prepaid $30.00 concession card for $25.00!!


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