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Team Rules

To be competitive and to ensure player growth it is necessary that players be able to attend most all practices and games. We do understand that "life" gets in the way. So, if your daughter can not make a practice or game, it is imperative you call (or e-mail). Remember that car pooling is an option.

We expect players to pay attention during practices and games and to perform to the best of their ability. We expect that players and parents will treat each other, coaches, opposing teams and referees with respect.

Sideline Etiquette
Parents are encouraged to root for the team, but please no coaching from the sidelines. This can often make the players confused and will often take their attention away from the game.

Just remember that the referees' words are final and they are often young volunteers doing the best they can. Often they are learning how to be better. Please do not engage the official.

Concerns and Conflicts
If at any time Parents have any questions or concerns please contact Joe directly either before - after practices and games, or if you prefer Email or a phone call and we can set up a time to talk.

Players must bring both their uniform as well as the reverse T-shirt (in case we need to use them) to all games. Please make sure the kids bring enough water for practices and games.