Manchester,NH Babe Ruth League: Welcome

Sunday, April 12
Welcome To The Manchester,NH Babe Ruth League

For 2015, the Manchester,NH Babe Ruth League will be comprised of 3 teams in the Tom Woodlock- Ray Lebel League for players 13-15.

We will be playing inter-league regular season games with Goffstown, Merrimack, and hopefully other towns.

We will also have three team sponsors for our Babe Ruth Xtreme Travel Baseball Program. Our 2015 XTreme Travel schedule will be published shortly.

2015 will be the league's 64th season.

Saturday, February 21
2015 Babe Ruth League Eligibility

Any Manchester or Hooksett player born on or after May 1,1999 and prior to April 30,2002 will be eligible for Manchester, NH Babe Ruth League participation in 2015.

Sunday, August 16
Manchester Babe Ruth League Fall Baseball Program--Final Registration Session

   The Manchester, NH Babe Ruth League is forming a Fall baseball program-all games will be scheduled for weekends in September & October.


   Games will be scheduled with surrounding towns such as Merrimack, Goffstown, and others to form an inter-city Fall program –games to be played both home and away.



   Final Registrations are scheduled for Saturday, August 22nd, 10:00AM-12:00PM at Indian Head Athletics in Manchester. The Registration Fee is $40.00.


   For those players graduating from the Manchester Little Leagues, this is a great opportunity to start your future baseball career on a regulation-sized baseball diamond—with no pressure during the transition process!

Tuesday, July 28
Calendar Drawing Winners

Calendar Drawing Winners--June/ 2015:
6/1: Muriel Georgantas, Goffstown, NH--$50.00 (Sold By ??)
6/2: Vinnie Langella, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Mickey Hanagan)
6/3: Lenny Murphy, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Mickey Hanagan)
6/4: Tom Grant, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Annie Slatky)
6/5: Celeste Taylor, Hudson, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Regan Sedlar)
6/6: Duane Erickson, Nashua, NH--$100.00 (Sold By Conner Erickson)
6/7: Charlie LeVeille, Manchester, NH--$75.00 (Sold By Manchester Babe Ruth League)
6/8: Chad Hall, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Connor Hall)
6/9: Kim Gilroy, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Matt Gilroy)
6/10: Brianna Guerrero, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Jalen Galan) 
6/11: Bill Smith, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By ??) 
(6/1-6/11 Winners' Checks Were Mailed 6/23/15)
6/12: Katie Downey, Georgia--$25.00 (Sold By Conner Erickson)
6/13: Ray Connolly, Chichester, NH--$100.00 (Sold By Regan Sedlar)
6/14: Dennis Plumpton, Manchester, NH-- $25.00 (Sold By Mickey Hanagan)
6/15: Stephanie Von Breeden, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Christian Von Breeden)
6/16: Audrey Nixon, Merrimack, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Regan Sedlar)
6/17: Billy Madden, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Larry Hanagan)
6/18: Roger Goupil, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Peter Poirier
6/19: Briana Guerrero, Manchester,NH-- $25.00 (Sold By Jalen Galan)
6/20: Stephanie Von Breeden, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Christian Von Breeden)
6/21: Matt Szyszkiewicz, Manchester, NH--$200.00 (Sold By Jacob Szyszkiewicz)
6/22: Jack Walsh, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Pat Walsh)
6/23: Maura Aiken, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Brad Aiken)
6/24: John Fletcher, Manchester, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Fred Smith)
(6/12-6/24 Winners Checks Mailed 7/16/15)
6/25: Abby Langella, Manchester, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Mickey Hanagan)
6/26: Lindsey Furman, ??--$25.00 (Sold By ??----Have Phone # Only)
6/27: Erin Varney, Bedford, NH--$125.00 (Sold By Joseph Martinez)
6/28: Sam Fleury, Manchester, NH--$75.00 (Sold By George Kramer)
6/29: Matt Lavoie, Pembroke, NH--$50.00 (Sold By Jalen Galan)
6/30: Linda Thibault, Belmont, NH--$25.00 (Sold By Connor Thibault)
 (6/25-6/30 Winners Checks Mailed 7/28/15)

Wednesday, March 25
Babe Ruth Xtreme Baseball Travel Program

Introducing Babe Ruth Xtreme Baseball--

Travel Baseball For Babe Ruth Players


    Xtreme baseball is a travel team concept that Babe Ruth leagues can adopt to augment their regular program. Xtreme Baseball was started in Connecticut, and has been so successful, and has generated so much excitement, that this year Headquarters has expanded the program to include all the New England states.


     New Hampshire Babe Ruth Leagues will be forming the NH Xtreme Baseball League in 2015--The NH Xtreme Baseball League shall comprise three age levels: 13, 14U and 15U. Each level will play within itself.


     Leagues can participate in all three, any two or any one. In addition to NH Xtreme Baseball League games, NH teams can also play games against Xtreme teams from other states.


     The Manchester Babe Ruth League is very excited about this new program, and we are discussing plans to participate.


     We will pass on more information and details regarding the program as it becomes available.


 Update 3/25: There are a number of towns in NH that are interested in participating, and there are at least two Eastern Mass teams interested in scheduling games.