Renegades: Welcome

Thursday, July 29
Renegades Softball

 Congrat's Renegades on taking 1st Place in Calumet City League 2010 Season !!

2nd Place in the 2010 Play-off's !!

We are a softball team from the South Eastside of Chicago. We have been playing 16" softball for over 18 years. Mostly in Mann Park, Chicago, IL. (under the Team Name : Misfits), as well as Memorial Park in Calumet City, IL.

Check out our site, Stats, Standings and Photos.

If you are interested in getting in our tournament below please contact me.

Visit our sponsor section to get address to great libations and food.

Our Team:

Billy Maio          Dom Maio        Scott Tabernacki          Danny Wilocki

Mikey Wilocki          Jose Calvillo             Steve Haltek          Nick Purcell         

Tony DeCarlo          Mike Mack          Tim Kavanuagh         Chris Davy

John Suski        Curt Miller          Mark Delrio        Maurice Champion      Paul Marciniak

Here's to a great season !!!!


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