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Tuesday, June 28
Misfits / Renegades Softball 2016

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We Are Back - And Glad to be here. Looking forward to a Great Season in Calumet City 2016

We are a softball team from the South Eastside of Chicago. We have been playing 16" softball for over 25 years. Mostly in Mann Park, Chicago, IL. (under the Team Name : Misfits), as well as Memorial Park in Calumet City, IL.

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If you are interested in getting in our tournament below please contact me.

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Our Team: (2016)

Billy Maio                 Scott Tabernacki     Andrew Maio           Tim Carroll                  Gino Alfini              

Billy Maio Jr.          Rob Quniones          Ramiro "Tootie" Salazar       Dan Marquez    Niko     

Jason Repass          Carlos Martinez      Carlos "Los" Chavez       Anthony Chico         Rob Chico      

Brian Blackwell       Lance Greer       Leonard "Drey" Harris       

Jake Kocinski         Rich Ochoa                    


 Congrat's Renegades on taking 1st Place in Calumet City League 2010 Season !!

2nd Place in the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Play-off's !!


Here's to a great season !!!!


Piece of Me by Skid Row

Monday, November 21

2016 Cal City Fall League CHAMPIONS !! 


Such a great team with great guys.. This fall team is somthing.. WE ARE THE 2016 CALCITY CHAMPIONS !

We placed 2nd place in the regular season getting edged out by Line Drive by 1 game

 we then entered into the playoffs Winning our first game vs. Here 4 Beer 16 to 3 going on to Play the Number 1 Seed Line drive in the Semi-Finals, Where the talent of this team really shined beating Line drive 17 to 4

 We then moved to the championship game playing MAC in which we overcame the 90 mph winds, 34 degree weather severly out hitting MAC and out scoring MAC. Defense held time and pitching and offense where on point.


We won the Championship 12 to 4 Becoming the 2016 Calumet City Fall League



 2016 Fall Team:

Billy Maio Sr.      Billy Maio Jr.       Scott Tabernacki       Dan Marquez       Nick Cosic        Matt Brady

Jim Farrell        Tom Mateja       Anthony Chico       Brian Kretchmer       Nik Emerson       Carlos Martinez

Carlos "Los" Chavez       John Wilson       Wally Hummel       Andrew Maio       Gino Alfini       Bob Rowell 

thank you to a great season.. and i look forward to next season !!!