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Tuesday, March 24
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 Spring Meeting

March 28th 10am Fort QuAppelle Rink 



Novice Champion

 Fort Knox

Novice Consolation Champion

Cupar Canucks 

Atom Champion

Fort Knox  

Atom Consolation Champion

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche

Peewee Champion

Indian Head Chiefs

Peewee Consolation Champion

Southey Marlins






Shayne Stoll (Balcarres) 1 game  (Served)

Mason Shotter (Montmartre) 1 game  (Served)

Mason Shotter (Montmartre) 3 game(2 for incident 1 for repeat offender)   (Served)

Carter Ziegler (Avonlea) 1 game (Served)   



Novice Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1)

Fort Knox bye

Southey Marlins bye

Balcarres Broncs bye 

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche  13-1, 14-0

Indian Head Chiefs White vs Quad Town Rebels 8-0, 9-1

Montmartre Ice Dogs vs Indian Head Chiefs Green 16-8, 7-8, 12-7

Avonlea Thunder vs Cupar Canucks  12-10, 3-12, 15-8

Novice Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)  

 Fort Knox vs Montmartre Ice Dogs 16-0, 14-1

Southey Marlins vs Indian Head Chiefs White 4-5, 2-5

Novice Final   (Mar 16-Mar 22)  

 Fort Knox vs Rouleau Riverdogs 10-3, 11-3  

Novice Consolation 

Balcarres Broncs vs Rouleau Riverdogs  7-8, 4-9

Avonlea Thunder bye  

Novice Playoffs Round 3 (Mar 9-Mar 15) 

Fort Knox vs Indian Head Chiefs White 11-2, 8-0

Avonlea Thunder vs Rouleau Riverdogs 9-20, 13-9, 5-11  


Cupar Canucks vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche 6-3, 8-1

Indian Head Chiefs Green vs Quad Town Rebels  7-2, 7-3  

 Novice Consolation Final  

Cupar Canucks vs Indian Head Chiefs Green 16-4, 14-5

Atom Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1) 

Fort Knox vs Indian Head Chiefs White  10-1, 11-1

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Indian Head Chiefs Green  7-2, 11-5

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs Quad Town Rebels   3-4, 3-4

Avonlea Thunder vs Montmartre Ice Dogs 7-8, 6-9 

Atom Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)

 Fort Knox vs Quad Town Rebels 6-3, 6-3

 Rouleau Riverdogs vs Montmartre Ice Dogs  7-3, 6-4  

Atom Playoffs Final (Mar 9-Mar 15)

Fort Knox vs Rouleau Riverdogs  3-1, 9-3  

 Atom Playoffs (Feb 21) one game 

Indian Head Chiefs White vs Balcarres Broncs  9-2 


Avonlea Thunder Bye  

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs  Indian Head Chiefs White 8-1, 3-2


Avonlea Thunder vs Balcarres Broncs 14-0, 8-3

Indian Head Chiefs Green vs Indian Head Chiefs White 4-3, 0-1, 3-5

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Bye  

 Atom Consolation Final   (Mar 16-Mar 22)

 Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs Avonlea Thunder   5-2, 7-3

 Peewee Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1) 

Rouleau Riverdogs bye

Indian Head Chiefs vs Fort Knox 14-4, 19-5

Highway 48's vs Balcarres Broncs 5-2, 3-1

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs Southey Marlins 4-5, 1-0, 4-2 

 Peewee Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche 6-2, 8-1

Indian Head Chiefs vs Highway 48's  9-3, 8-4

 Peewee Playoffs Final (Mar 9-Mar 25) 

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Indian Head Chiefs 5-6, 5-6, 8-6, 2-7


Balcarres Broncs vs Fort Knox   4-5, 2-5

Southey Marlins Bye   

Peewee Consolation Final  

Southey Marlins vs Fort Knox 5-7, 9-7, 4-1, 4-3 

  Late game sheets fines:  


 Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 17 vs (Rouleau) 

 Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 18 vs (Indian Head Green) 

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Mar 7 vs (Cupar)   


Quad Town Rebels Nov 21 vs (Indian Head Green)  

Indian Head White Dec 13 vs (Montmartre)

Indian Head Green Dec 13 vs (Balcarres)

Montmartre Ice Dogs Jan 7 vs (Indian Head Green) 



Highway 48's Nov 15 vs (Rouleau) 

Rouleau Riverdogs Jan 4 vs (Fort)

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 11 vs (Indian Head)

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 17 vs (Rouleau)

Southey Marlins Mar 6 vx (Fort) 

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Mar 7 vs (Rouleau)   


 Leaders as of Jan 31st


Points  Connor Miller (Knox) 111                                                  

Goals  Connor Miller (Knox) 87                                         

Assists  Carson Gel (Knox) 28                                   

GAA(more than three games played)   Connor Behrns (Broncs) 3.25         

Wins  Cody Lovas (Knox) 10                            

Shutouts  Bryce Pankratz (Ice Dogs) 2  / Cody Lovas (Knox) 2                          



Points   Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 76                                                   

Goals  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 57                                          

Assists  Brayden Heistad (Thunder) 26

GAA(more than three games played)  Drew Pereyma (Knox) 2.22               

Wins James Battyanie (Avalanche) 9                           

Shutouts  Drew Pereyma (Knox) 1 / Austin Simes (Knox) 1  



Points  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 63                                                     

Goals  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 45                                           

Assists Carson Reinson (Riverdogs) 31

GAA(more than three games played)  Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs)  2.40             

Wins  William Glas OA (Hwy 48's) 8 / Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs) 8                            

Shutouts  Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs) 2 


















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