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Monday, March 21
Welcome to Mainline Minor Hockey League Website

 Welcome to the 2015-2016   

Spring AGM April 3rd 10am Odessa rink




Avonlea Thunder

Consolation Final 

Balcarres Bronx



Fort Knox

Consolation Final 

Balcarres Broncs

Pee Wee: 


Indian Head Chiefs

Consolation Final 

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche


By-Law 8 Playoff Format

d) Teams must complete their Playoff series in the time frame allotted and they must advised to Commissioner of their Division with the agreed upon times, dates and locations for all the series games forty eight (48) hours prior to the start time of the first game.

 e) Teams who wish to extend the time frame allotted to complete their series must first receive permission from the League President. Failure to gain permission and playing games will result in a $250.00 fine to the Member Minor Hockey Association responsible.

f) MMHL players must play in 1/3 of their Teams League games to be able to play in the MMHL playoffs. Injured players with a doctor’s certificate would not have the team games played while injured count in their total number of League games. Games would not count when the doctor’s certificate is registered with the League. AP’s are exempt.

By-Law 10 – Referees 10.01 Assigning of Officials

a) All Member Hockey Associations must provide the name of the Referee assignor in their Association to the Leagues Referee-in-Chief.

b) The home Member Minor Hockey Association shall assign and pay the cost of the referee and two linesmen.

c) All MMHL games must be scheduled with a three (3) person referee system. Except for Novice and Atom League games may be a (2) person referee system. Playoffs will all be (3) person referee system.

d) The MMHL Referee-in-Chief will ensure that there is the assignment of neutral officials for all League Semi-Final and Final playoff games. (Neutral officials are to be used for Consolation Final if they can not find a neutral official the league will assign them.)

e) At the request of a team, the MMHL Referee-in-Chief shall assign neutral officials for a League or League Playoff game however the following will apply;

i) Request must be made seventy-two (72) hours prior to the start of the game or playoff series and in the event of a playoff series, if the request is made; neutral officials are used for all games.

ii) Team making the request for the neutral official(s) is responsible for all referee fees and travel mileage.

iii) Upon receiving a request for the assignment of a neutral official(s), the Referee-in-Chief will advise the “other” team.

iv) A “neutral” official shall be deemed an individual(s) who have no personal relationship with any individuals associated with the teams participating in the game or series.

f) All fees paid to officials will be determined by the Member Minor Hockey Association hosting a game. Playoff Referee pay will be as followed: Novice $25 Atom $30 Pee Wee $60(SHA guideline) Mileage will be paid at the approved SHA rate for the current Hockey Season.  



PeeWee Southey Marlins White #17 Carson Sorensen 1 game CFB   (Served Nov 13, 2015)

PeeWee Southey Marlins Red #6 Lewis Albers 1 game, 3 body contact in one game (Served Nov 29, 2015)
PeeWee Southey Marlins Red Coach Jeremy Knapp 2 game playing a ineligible player (Served Dec 8, 2015)
PeeWee Southey Marlins Red #17 Lawson Flavel 1 game over 5 minors in one game (Served Jan 6, 2016)
PeeWee Southey Marlins Red Coach Jeremy Knapp 30 days (Jan 6) playing a ineligible player (Served Feb 6, 2016) 
Atom Balcarres Broncs Coach Cory Noble 5 games Game gross and game in last 10  (Served Jan 24, 2016)
PeeWee IH Coach Steven Dales 30 days (Jan 13) Threaten or attempting to strike an official  (Served Feb 13, 2006)
Novice Indian Head Green Coach Derek Racette 1 game unsportsmanlike conduct  (Served Jan 16, 2016)
PeeWee Southey Marlins Red #17 Lawson Flavel 1 game CFB (Served Jan 23, 2016)
PeeWee Fort Knox Coach Mark Banks 2 game 9.2b (Served Feb 24, 2016)
PeeWee Balcarres Broncs #30 Tyler Dubois 1 game, CFB(Served Mar 14, 2016)



 Nov 7 2015 Southey Novice $25 Roster not submitted before first game. (Paid)

 Nov 18 2015 Ituna/Kelliher $25 Roster not submitted before first game.

Jan 5 2015 Southey Novice  $50 Game sheet not submitted within 24hr of game. (Paid)

Mar 2 2016 Avonlea Atom $50 Game sheet not submitted within 24hr of game. (Paid)

Mar 13th Montmartre PeeWee $50 Game sheet not submitted within 24hr of game