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Wednesday, March 4
Welcome to Mainline Minor Hockey League Website

 As for the Novice playoff tree, we gave the 4 vs 5 game loser a drop to the consolation. So it is a round two series that will start with round one. 1, 2 and 3 seeds get a bye with no chance to go to the consolation.

 On game sheets please clearly mark "AP"'s and "OA"'s this is manditory per SHA.

Also for teams with two goalies please indicate who played by either circling their number or their name, if both goalies play please indicate time which switch was made.


Shayne Stoll (Balcarres) 1 game  (Served)

Mason Shotter (Montmartre) 1 game  (Served)

Mason Shotter (Montmartre) 3 game(2 for incident 1 for repeat offender)  

Welcome to the Playoffs

Please contact Craig Geisler if you have the trophies from last year. 

 Please schedule all three (five in the PW finals) at once and report them to Dean at the League office

Each team is suppose to call in (or email) with who they have reffing Preferable a Neutral site official. All games are to be three man systems unless approved by the league president.

If the visiting team wants appointed officials they may request them 48 hours before the scheduled game. The requesting team will pay the mileage.

For the Final and Consolation Final the head ref will be appointed by the league in all divisions. 

 Over time is 10 min right after the third period and then a clean and 20 min all stop time until there is a winner.

The bracket will be updated once all divisions are seeded. 

Novice Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)  

 Fort Knox vs Montmartre Ice Dogs

Southey Marlins vs Indian Head Chiefs White 4-5

Balcarres Broncs vs Rouleau Riverdogs 

Avonlea Thunder bye


Cupar Canucks vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche

Indian Head Chiefs Green vs Quad Town Rebels  7-2

 Atom Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)

 Fort Knox vs Quad Town Rebels

 Rouleau Riverdogs vs Montmartre Ice Dogs


Avonlea Thunder vs Balcarres Broncs

Indian Head Chiefs Green vs Indian Head Chiefs White

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Bye

 Peewee Playoffs Round 2 (Mar 2-Mar 8)

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche

Indian Head Chiefs vs Highway 48's 


Balcarres Broncs vs Fort Knox   4-5, 2-5

Southey Marlins Bye 


  Novice Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1)

Fort Knox bye

Southey Marlins bye

Balcarres Broncs bye 

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche  13-1, 14-0

Indian Head Chiefs White vs Quad Town Rebels 8-0, 9-1

Montmartre Ice Dogs vs Indian Head Chiefs Green 16-8, 7-8, 12-7

Avonlea Thunder vs Cupar Canucks  12-10, 3-12, 15-8

Atom Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1) 

Fort Knox vs Indian Head Chiefs White  10-1, 11-1

Rouleau Riverdogs vs Indian Head Chiefs Green  7-2, 11-5

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs Quad Town Rebels   3-4, 3-4

Avonlea Thunder vs Montmartre Ice Dogs 7-8, 6-9 

 Atom Playoffs (Feb 21) one game 

Indian Head Chiefs White vs Balcarres Broncs  9-2 

  Peewee Playoffs Round 1 (Feb 23- Mar 1) 

Rouleau Riverdogs bye

Indian Head Chiefs vs Fort Knox 14-4, 19-5

Highway 48's vs Balcarres Broncs 5-2, 3-1

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche vs Southey Marlins 4-5, 1-0, 4-2 

  Late game sheets fines:  


 Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 17 vs (Rouleau) 

 Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 18 vs (Indian Head Green) 


Quad Town Rebels Nov 21 vs (Indian Head Green)  

Indian Head White Dec 13 vs (Montmartre)

Indian Head Green Dec 13 vs (Balcarres)

Montmartre Ice Dogs Jan 7 vs (Indian Head Green) 



Highway 48's Nov 15 vs (Rouleau) 

Rouleau Riverdogs Jan 4 vs (Fort)

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 11 vs (Indian Head)

Ituna/Kelliher Avalanche Jan 17 vs (Rouleau) 



 Leaders as of Jan 31st


Points  Connor Miller (Knox) 111                                                  

Goals  Connor Miller (Knox) 87                                         

Assists  Carson Gel (Knox) 28                                   

GAA(more than three games played)   Connor Behrns (Broncs) 3.25         

Wins  Cody Lovas (Knox) 10                            

Shutouts  Bryce Pankratz (Ice Dogs) 2  / Cody Lovas (Knox) 2                          



Points   Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 76                                                   

Goals  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 57                                          

Assists  Brayden Heistad (Thunder) 26

GAA(more than three games played)  Drew Pereyma (Knox) 2.22               

Wins James Battyanie (Avalanche) 9                           

Shutouts  Drew Pereyma (Knox) 1 / Austin Simes (Knox) 1  



Points  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 63                                                     

Goals  Hugh Nestor (Riverdogs) 45                                           

Assists Carson Reinson (Riverdogs) 31

GAA(more than three games played)  Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs)  2.40             

Wins  William Glas OA (Hwy 48's) 8 / Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs) 8                            

Shutouts  Jayden Kirby (Riverdogs) 2 


















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