Mainland Boys Cross Country: State/Invitational News

Friday, October 22
Mainland Varsity Takes Bronze, JV Wins at Counties

The 2010 Mainland team took home bronze on Thursday, finishing a solid third at the Atlantic County Championships, 25 behind the tied EHT and St. Augustine teams. The field of 12 teams had many individuals packed tightly in the top 15. Standout races included senior Kyle Sulzer, taking second individually in a fast 15:22, and a courageous 15:46 15th place finish by Steve Rabel, a minute faster than he was last season. Both earned the traditional trophies for finishing in the top 15. Mainland had 4 in the top 25 of the race, with Jordan Reedie and Luke Spear in 17th and 23rd.

The JV team won the unofficial JV county title, scoring 34 to St. Augustine's 42 points. Will Krause led the way with his varsity-busting 16:51, while keeping Mainland's 6 year JV champion streak going by finishing 1st overall. Many JV guys set personal records on the Hammonton course, and 5 guys earned medals by finishing top 15. The crowd was also treated to a classic Mike-Lucas twin battle, with Lucas evening the season duel with an exciting comeback finish on the horse track!


Kyle Sulzer (2) 15:22

Steve Rabel (15) 15:45

Jordan Reedie (17) 15:55

Luke Spear (23) 16:12

Chris Hutton (28) 16:30

T.J. Mooney (29) 16:31

Corey Santora (39) 16:55


Will Krause (1) 16:51 - the streak continues!

Jimmy McDaid (6) 17:20.5

Marc Appenzeller (7) 17:20.9

Ethan Fischer (8) 17:23 - the Eating champ, now applied to racing well

John Scull (12) 17:33 - awesome

Hunter Devine (17) 18:05

Evan Fein (18) 18:08 - a nice end to Evan's Mainland running career

Louis Moskovitz (24) 18:23

Shane Walsh (31) 18:40

Lucas Dimaio (40) 19:11

Mike Derosiers (41) 19:12

Nate Sulzer (51) 19:59 

Monday, October 11
JV takes 7th at South Jersey Open

The surly and inept meet directors and officials of the 2010 South Jersey Open held a swell race on Saturday. Except they didn't give times to anyone until later that night. Nobody had the right names, as they felt the need to make the team stand in the time-out corner as they lazily got around to giving out the team's numbers 45 seconds before the gun. At least we annoyed them in some way. Oh, and the JV was 7th overall, with the real Corey Santora and Will Krause taking home medals in the top 50.

Name/numer                Race             Time            Avg.             Place

Jordan Reedie Varsity 17:40 5:41 43
Steven Rabel Varsity 17:43 5:42 47
Kyle Sulzer Varsity 18:38 6:00 87
T.J. Mooney Varsity 18:50 6:04 106
Chris Hutton Varsity 18:54 6:05 109
2913 JV 19:09 6:10 34
2915 JV 19:09 6:10 35
Luke Spear Varsity 19:14 6:12 122
Marc Appenzeller Varsity 19:37 6:19 131
2918 JV 19:21 6:14 48
2914 JV 19:49 6:23 77
2920 JV 19:53 6:24 81
2922 JV 20:19 6:33 105
2909 JV 20:27 6:35 112
2911 JV 20:33 6:37 116
2902 JV 20:44 6:41 125
2921 JV 21:11 6:50 144
2919 JV 21:28 6:55 164
2917 JV 21:36 6:58 173
2910 JV 22:34 7:16 200
Nate Sulzer JV 24:36:00 7:56 233

Monday, October 4
Mainland 11th at Shore Coaches

A large gap in the top 5 kept the team out of the top 10 for the race, with Mainland finishing 11th in the field of 30 teams with 305 points. A couple of PR's came out of the JV race, and a few guys inproved over last year as far as Holmdel. Jordan Reedie led the team, and took a minute off his time from last season, while Steve Rabel and Anthony Zarillo were nearly 98 and 90 seconds faster than a year ago -

Jordan Reedie Varsity 17:47
Kyle Sulzer Varsity 17:49
Steven Rabel Varsity 18:00
Anthony Zarrillo Varsity 18:07
Luke Spear Varsity 18:56
Corey Santora JV 18:57
Chris Hutton Varsity 19:03
Jimmy McDaid JV 19:17
T.J. Mooney Varsity 19:33
Marc Appenzeller JV 19:36
Ethan Fischer JV 19:42
John Scull JV 20:16
John Brennan JV 20:27
Evan Fein JV 20:33
Louis Moskovitz JV 20:35
Shane Walsh JV 21:06
Hunter Devine JV 21:41
Lucas Dimaio JV 21:41
Mike Derosiers JV 21:45
Nathan Sulzer JV 27:21:00

Tuesday, September 21
Mainland 7th at Brairwood

The team placed 7th out of 18 teams at the Briarwood XC Classic, held at Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia. Kyle Sulzer took home a trophy for his 16th place finish (well someone took his trophy for his 16th place finish,) and Jordan Reedie did the same, finishing 25th. Steve Rabel continued his strong start to the season as the third man in 30th place. Anthony Zarrillo ran well in the JV A race, finishing 14th in 18:27. Jon Scull led the freshmen with a solid 20:23 on the tough course.


Kyle Sulzer - 17:37

Jordan Reedie - 18:02

Steve Rabel - 18:10

Luke Spear - 18:43

TJ Mooney - 19:05

Chris Hutton - 19:06

Marc Appenzeller - 19:11


JV races:

Anthony Zarrillo - 18:27

Jimmy McDaid -  20:01

John Scull - 20:23

John Brennan - 20:59

Evan Fein - 21:28

Lucas Dimaio - 22:15

Mike Derosier - 22:50 - "I thought Luucas said 'twenty-two fifty'"

Nate Sulzer -  



Friday, April 30
Sulzer PR's at SJ Open
Kyle Sulzer ran his first big invitational 3200m of the season last night, under the lights at Buena. He was within 3 seconds of the lead pack through the first mile, then finished with a PR of 10:06.

Monday, April 19
Third (to Last), Last, and Then Nowhere Near Last at Woodbury


The distance team ran a 12:02 distance medley at the Woodbury relays. Jordan Reedie returned from a field trip hiatus to lead off the team with a 3:38 in the 1200m, followed by Luke Spear's respectable (in 2010) 60-point in the quarter. TJ Mooney went 67-75 for a 2:22 800m, and Kyle Sulzer tied a season PR with a 5:00 mile to anchor the race.

 The 4 x 800 team was fresh and ready for their chance. Jon Katz ran a 2:19.8, followed by sophomore phenom Marc Appenzeller's 2:22, Steve Rabel's 2:27-point, and finally anchored by Jimmy McDaid's 2:24.

Luke Spear neither fell, nor came last in the 3000m Steeplechase with an 11:01.

Good tacos, though.

Monday, November 9
Solid Effort Puts Mainland 10th in Sectionals

The team was a solid 10th place in the tough South Jersey Group IV Sectionals Saturday. The team ran with a somewhat weakened squad, with #1 man Kyle "not urgent enough to see a doctor" Sulzer  flu-stricken, but taking a shot at racing. The top 5 were :43 seconds apart, and the times were strong enough to end the season on a good note.

 There were 18-23 seniors in front of Jordan Reedie and Luke Spear. Pat MacAnaney was the second best freshman in the race, only behind an AC freshman who Pat has defeated in the past... With the entire squad returning, the team will now look forward to 2010.

Jordan Reedie Varsity 17:36
Luke Spear Varsity 17:43
Steven Rabel Varsity 17:52
Pat McAnaney Varsity 18:07
T.J. Mooney Varsity 18:19
Chris Hutton Varsity 18:41
Kyle Sulzer Varsity


Monday, October 12
Mainland Takes Home 5 Medals at South Jersey Open

The team took a bare-bones crew of 14 guys to Delsea on Saturday for the South Jersey Open. Four guys scored medals in the JV race, with Chris Hutton, John Brennan, Marc Appenzeller, and Evan Fein finishing in the top 50. The JV team was 6th overall.


The varsity squad placed 10th in their race, led by Kyle Sulzer's Delsea PR of 17:22. The top three improved on their spread, with Luke Spear and Jordan Reedie 24 and 32 seconds back.


Kyle Sulzer



Luke Spear



Jordan Reedie



T.J. Mooney



Steven Rabel



Pat McAnaney



Anthony Zarrillo



Chris Hutton



John Brennan



Marc Appenzeller



Evan Fein



Will Krause



Jimmy McDaid



Irwin Park




Tuesday, October 6
Partly Cloudy Day for Mainland at Shore Coaches

Mainland was in a history-making race at the Shore Coaches Invitational Saturday. The all-time fastest time was run by the winner, Joe Rosa in an incredible 15:04. Not to be outdone, the team set a record by amassing 569 points in the Varsity B race, placing 23rd. Kyle Sulzer added his name to the Holmdel Top 200 by breaking 18:00. The JV team placed a nice 7th in their race, led by Pat McAnaney's 19:11. Juan Ramierez took the under with a 27:31.


Kyle Sulzer



Luke Spear



Jordan Reedie



T.J. Mooney



Pat McAnaney



Marc Appenzeller



Steven Rabel



Anthony Zarrillo



John Brennan



Chris Hutton



Evan Fein



Jon Katz



Irwin Park



Jimmy McDaid



Ryan Macaluso



Will Krause



Juan Ramierez



Monday, September 21
Mainland Runs Briarwood, Parachute Hill Conquers

The team took 14th out of the 19 teams in the large school Div I race at the Briarwood Cross Country Classic in Philadelphia Saturday. While it was the team's lowest finish in their history, several runners had good races. The JV race featured 4 runners who bettered times from the Varsity race.

Kyle Sulzer Varsity 18:03
Luke Spear Varsity 18:08
T.J. Mooney Varsity 18:59
Corey Santora Varsity 19:01
Jordan Reedie JV 19:08
Chris Hutton JV 19:26
Anthony Zarrillo JV 19:31
Pat McAnaney Varsity 19:32
John Brennan JV 19:33
Jon Katz Varsity 19:38
Steven Rabel Varsity 20:02
Marc Appenzeller JV 20:16
Ryan Macaluso JV 21:04
Irwin Park JV 21:17

Sunday, November 9
Top 3 Advance to States

It was a downpour for the South Jersey Group IV Sectionals on Saturday. The team had a strong day, starting with Max Mittelman and Matt Hernberg, who were in the lead pack for much of the race. Max took the lead with TRN's Joe Kotran and Hernberg close behind with less than a mile left. Kotran took the lead with about 900 to go. Max made a charge, but was the runner-up by 3 seconds in 16:06. Matt struggled late, but held on for a solid 7th place finish. 

Andrew Everett was in 16th place with 1000m to go. He drew up to a pack of 4 runners heading into the stadium. His kick in the last 100m just caught the #10 finisher to qualify with 10 meters to go. 

Sophomores Kyle Sulzer and Luke Spear both PR'ed in 17:39 and 17:41, finishing 60th and 62nd. Frank Chipolone and Kyle Evangelist ended their 4 year XC careers with an 18:13 and 18:31, respectively.


The team finished 4 points away from qualifying in 6th place. The team ends the sesaon as CAL American and Atlantic County Champions. The Big Three will move on to the State meet at Holmdel next week.


Max Mittelman 16:06 (2nd)

Matt Hernberg 16:23 (7th)

Andrew Everett 16:26 (10th)

Kyle Sulzer 17:39 (60th)

Luke Spear 17:41 (62nd)

Frank Chipolone 18:13 (85th)

Kyle Evangelist 18:31 (94th) 


Tuesday, October 14
Mittelman, Hernberg 1-2 South Jersey

 With the absence of Andrew Everett, a partial varsity squad of seniors took the field against most of South Jersey Group IV at Delsea Saturday. max Mittelman surged from 4th to 2nd in the second mile, eventually taking the lead in mile 3, with Matt Hernberg close behind. The duo pulled away from the field, giving Mainland a solid 1-2 finish in the South Jersey Open.


The JV squad took 5th of 31 teams, lead by the underclass top 4 of Kyle Sulzer, Luke Spear, Jordan Reedie, and Corey Santora.  Jordan had a breakthrough race, right when the team needs him the most. Several runners will try to make the post-season squad this week. T.J. Mooney received a medal for his 48th place finish.


Max Mittleman Varsity 16:08 - 1st ever XC 1st

Matt Hernberg Varsity 16:15 - steady coming off a tough week

Kyle Sulzer JV 18:04

Luke Spear JV 18:06

Jordan Reedie JV 18:14 - big breakthrough from an 11:00 3200m man

Frank Chipolone Varsity 18:22 

Kyle Evangelist Varsity 18:33 - don't throw at his head, just his ribs please

Corey Santora JV 18:45 

T.J. Mooney JV 18:56

Jon Katz JV 19:04

Evan Fein JV 19:26

Anthony Zarillo JV 19:47 - great Holmdel time

Jared Rodio JV 20:03

Mike DeCourcey JV 21:35

Ryan Macaluso JV 21:38

Steven Rabel JV 23:14

Tuesday, October 28
Mainland Wins 9th Straight Atlantic County Title - Max Mittelman: 2008 County Champion!

 Days after the forrest fire in Hammonton postponed the Atlantic County Championships, Mainland lit the Hammonton Lake Park on fire, taking the top 3 places in a strong 2008 field. Matt Hernberg took to his title defense early, pushing the pace with Max Mittelman close behind. Andrew Everett kept it close in the top 5-6 of the race as well. As Mittelman and Hernberg surged ahead of the field, it was Everett who made a great late charge to pull away from St. Augustine's #1, running up toward Hernberg. Max stormed in for a 14:50 as the 2008 champion. Hernberg and Everett completed the 1-2-3 running 15:02 and 15:03. Kyle Sulzer was 20th in 16:14, over 2 minutes faster than his time last year. Luke Spear beat every team's 5th man as he was 24th in 16:23.


 The result; a 31 point victory over Oakcrest, 35 over A.C.and 59 over St. Augustine for Mainland's 9th straight County title, and the team's 16th in the last 19 years. The team time of 77:35 ranks #3 all-time for the County Championships, behind the '02 and '03 Mainland champions. Mittelman is now #5 all-time on the County Top 20 Honor Roll, while Hernberg and Everett become #'s 11 and 12.


Jordan Reedie won the JV race in 17:06, as Mainland placed 4 in the top 8.


 1. Mainland Regional, 50; 2. Oakcrest, 81; 3. Atlantic City, 85; 4. St. Augustine, 109; 5. St. Joseph, 143; 6. Pleasantville, 143 (St. Joseph got fifth place on a tiebreaker because its sixth runner placed 49th while Pleasantville's sixth runner finished 68th.); 7. Egg Harbor Township, 166; 8. Absegami, 194; 9. Hammonton, 201; 10. Holy Spirit, 236; 11. Buena Regional, 322.



Max Mittleman Varsity 14:50 - #5 all-time

Matt Hernberg Varsity 15:02  - #11 all-time

Andrew Everett Varsity 15:03  - #12 all-time

Kyle Sulzer Varsity 16:14 - the future

Luke Spear Varsity 16:23 - the future

Frank Chipolone Varsity 16:51

Kyle Evangelist Varsity 16:56 - the buck stops here



Jordan Reedie JV 17:06

Corey Santora JV 17:18 - 38 second PR

Jon Katz JV 17:41 - last year's champ was 17:43

T.J. Mooney JV 17:48 - 7 second PR

Evan Fein JV 18:01 - 2 minutes faster

Jared Rodio JV 18:10

John Brennan JV 18:19 - PR

Marc Appenzeller JV 18:28 - PR

Anthony Zarillo JV 18:33

Max Bell JV 18:41 - 1:20 faster than September

Mike DeCourcey JV 18:45

Steve Rabel JV 19:28 - that's more like it

Ryan Macaluso JV 19:38 - PR, but an exciting finish. Try that in track...