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Ink Spot
641 High St
Salem, Oregon

2005 Ink Spot Softball Spring Schedule                                        

Date        Time        Visitor        Home                Field
19-Apr        6:10        Fred Meyer                  Ink Spot Printing                1
19-Apr        7:20        Ink Spot Printing        McDonalds                3
26-Apr        6:10        Ink Spot Printing        Applebees                4
26-Apr        7:20        Willamette Valley Tile        Ink Spot Printing                4
3-May        7:20        Ink Spot Printing        Maranatha Maniacs                4
3-May        9:40        Wurdinger Recycling        Ink Spot Printing                2
10-May        8:30        Fred Meyer        Ink Spot Printing                5
10-May        9:40        Ink Spot Printing        Spirit Mountain Casino                5
17-May        7:20        Applebees        Ink Spot Printing                5
17-May        8:30        Ink Spot Printing        Willamette Valley Tile                5
24-May        6:10        Ink Spot Printing        Maranatha Maniacs                4
24-May        8:30        Wurdinger Recycling        Ink Spot Printing                2
31-May        8:30        Ink Spot Printing        McDonalds                3
31-May        9:40        Ink Spot Printing        Spirit Mountain Casino                3
7-Jun        8:30        Willamette Valley Tile        Ink Spot Printing                5
7-Jun        9:40        Ink Spot Printing        Applebees                4
14-Jun        6:10        Fred Meyer        Ink Spot Printing                4
14-Jun        8:30        Ink Spot Printing        McDonalds                1
21-Jun        6:10        Wurdinger Recycling        Ink Spot Printing                1
21-Jun        8:30        Ink Spot Printing        Maranatha Maniacs                4
28-Jun        7:20        Ink Spot Printing        Spirit Mountain Casino                3
28-Jun        9:40        Fred Meyer        Ink Spot Printing                5
5-Jul        6:10        Applebees        Ink Spot Printing                2
5-Jul        7:20        Ink Spot Printing        Maranatha Maniacs                5

12-Jul    8:30    Fred Meyers    Ink Spot Printing      5
12-Jul    9:40    Ink Spot Printing   Spirit Mt Casino      5

19-Jul    7:20    Applebees       Ink Spot Printing      5
19-Jul    8:30    Ink Spot Printing    Willamette Valley Tile    5

26-Jul    8:30    Ink Spot Printing   McDonalds    3
26-Jul    9:40    Spirit Mt Casino    Ink Spot Printing    3

2-Aug      8:30    Willamette Valley Tile   Ink Spot Printing      5
2-Aug      9:40    Ink Spot Printing    Applebees       4

9-Aug      6:10    Wurdinger Recycling      Ink Spot Printing    2

Mr. October
Reggie Jackson
Once again Mr. October, aka Keith Jarman, shows up for the last Fall game on the year belting 1 homerun and missing his second by 3 feet.

Gary Opinion about the Homerun Race
This is all he had to say!

New Gear... (1/31/01)
For all the missed it, on Friday we had a little get together down at Magoo's to pick out Uni's. After much squabbling and drinks - we finally pulled out some pretty sweet hat's and shirts. We will have all back hats with Magoo's softball on them, and the actual uni's will have a base color gray with black shoulders... Quite pimp. I will see if I can't get a picture up here for all that haven't seen them.

Cut me, and I'll bleed Magoo's Blue
What's up fellas?
A little clarification on the picture: I was actually quite hammered in this photo. Check out the eye dilation!! I was celebrating the fact that I still knew how to ride a BMX. I stole it from a little kid and crashed it.
Can't wait for some ball to start.

Gary Happy
Paying up
Look how happy Gary is... He just paid his league fees. You too can be as happy as Gary. Just pay your league fees!!

If we pay league fees early, we get a price cut.

Get your Money in!!

Contact Jeff for exact amounts.

Ink Spot Softball
Ink Spot Softball
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