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Ink Spot
641 High St
Salem, Oregon

UPDATED LAST AT October 9th, 2008 2:30 PM

We are back in Business and Sporting New Hats!!!

This just needed to be publicized more Magoo's Motto.

Next Games: May 6th 8:30/9:40

News & Recaps: Well after a slow start in the first game, Ink Spot managed to keep a 5 run lead and win the first of 2 games.  Hitting in the first game was adequate at best, but the defense kept up in the game.  The second game was totally opposite.  Starting out strong Ink Spot put up 23 runs in the first 3 innings taking a commanding lead 23-4.  After a managerial faulter to basically switch the infield with the outfeild, the other team came back and scored 14 runs in the bottom of the 4th on a couple of interesting calls by umpires that decided they needed to control the game.  The final cap was put on the other team when Going Going Gone John stoked a line drive over the right field fence stomping out any hope for the other team.

News: The season is upon us! Show up and don't suck.  Rumor has it that Schmitke might even show up for a game this season.  Look for him to hobble on the field at the next game that doesn't get rained out.

A BIG Thanks goes out to our sponsor this year for the new uniforms! Thanks Heather and Ink Spot.

Spring 2008: Click here for the schedule (or at least what they have up so far).

Website Update: Updated News (with the schedule).

The Spring Home Run Race:
- John - 3 (so I am told)
- Ryan 1/2 (Blew right through Dick)

Current (Fall 2005) Standings (Click here)

Final Spring 2005 Standings (Click here)
Some Historic Crap:
- 11-5 (4-1 tournament) Fall 2006
- 21-3 (1-2 tournament) Spring 2005
- 14-6 (2-1 tournament) Fall 2004
- 10-10 (8-2 in Silver) Record Spring 2004
- 8-4 record for Fall 2003
- 4-7-1 record for Spring 2003 or something like that.
- 11-1 record for Fall 2002.
- 12-8-1 record for Spring 2002.

Need to know if you owe any money to the pot??? Click here.

Check out the Photo's and names on the Who Dat page!

Rainout Hotline: (503) 364-RAIN (7246)

Fines are as followed:

1-2-3 Inning - 3.00 ($1 from each player)
Whining - 1.00
Sniveling (if whining continues) - 3.00
Hitting into a double play - 2.00
Leaving a runner on 3rd w/ less then 2 outs - 1.00
Base running/coaching error - 1.00
0-3 at the plate - 1.00
0-4 at the plate - 2.00
0-5 at the plate - 3.00
Striking out looking - 3.00
Striking out swinging - 2.00
DBO or fouling out - 2.00
Making 2 outs in one inning - 3.00
No show at game time w/o a phone call informing - 5.00
Ejection from the game - 3.00
Fashion Police (FaPo) - 1.00

Magoo's Party Pot is at $0.00 Check to see if you have unpaid $ too.

Say hello to Ron Mexico - Click here, but don't touch
Bored? Kill some stuff - DIE YOU LITTLE BASTARDS!
BREAKING NEWS!!! - Water on Mars!
And for the nerd in all of us - This is not the link you are looking for

">NW Sofball
Magoo's 50+ hit Honor roll

Tyson 77 hits Spring '01
Keith 60 hits Spring '01
Coad 60 hits Spring '05
Tyson 60 hits Spring '05
Coad 59 hits Spring '02
Jeff 59 hits Spring '01
Tyson 59 hits Fall '04
Clete 58 hits Spring '02
Tyson 57 hits Spring '02
Jeff 56 hits Spring '02
Tyson 56 hits Spring '04
Tyson 55 hits Spring '99
Chris 53 hits Spring '05
Clete 53 hits Spring '05
Keith 51 hits Spring '02
Tim 51 hits Spring '01
Jeff 50 hits Spring '03
Tyson 50 hits Spring '03
Gary 50 hits Spring '02
Dan 50 hits Spring '00
Gary 50 hits Spring '00
Jeff 50 hits Spring '98
Be the next to join...

Comments, Question? Email me at

Thanks to NW Sofball for listing us, make sure to visit them

Here is a link to our Guest Book, stop in and leave a message.



Ink Spot Softball
Ink Spot Softball
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