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Attention MASA friends and family;

One of our MASA family members, David Hatfield, needs our help.  His health has been up and down and with that said his living conditions have suffered.  He lives in Hazy Hollow, in a trailer, on a very overgrown lot. (So much so that there is a house and a car on his property that you cannot see)
We will be meeting at his house on Saturday, September 6th (maybe Sunday the 7th also) at 8:00 am.  We will be cleaning and organizing the inside of his trailer, tackling the outside jungle and fixing minor trailer issues.  I can recall someone stating that the stairs and small porch need to be repaired.  We have some MASA members that will be making some casseroles, so he can freeze them and have them for meals.  Last month, I was called over to his trailer to check on him and ended up sending him to the emergency room. He was very dehydrated and his meds were out of whack. His living conditions are very bad.  David has given many years to MASA, he has helped many girls get scholarships, it is our time to help him.  
David is aware we will be helping him and does not think he deserves it.  His only request is that his trophies get cleaned and put where he can see them. I did leave this email so you can see who I sent it to, if you don’t see someone on the list that needs to know, please forward.
For more info, please contact Kim Moynahan at 832-876-0392
David’s address is
36818 Brown Cone
Magnolia TX 77355
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We have developed a new phone line to allow you to contact MASA with questions or comments.

This is a voice mail line and will require to to leave your information for a return call.  

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Come out and join the 2014 MASA Fall  Season
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Opening Day - September 13, 2014.    

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Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sat 9/6 star Hatfield Work Day All Day David Hatfields House
Sat 9/13 star Opening Day All Day Magnolia Area Softball Association
Sat 9/27 star Grandparents Day at MASA All Day Magnolia Area Softball Association