Magnolia Rangers: Welcome

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Ranger's Baseball Team
Welcome to Magnolia Rangers/Rangers Baseball Website!!!

 Congrats Rangers!!!

WINNERS of The Bay City Championship!

& More to come...

We would like to wish the best of luck to the following players as they move up to the next minors division in little League baseball.

     Misael Cardenas , Anthony Cavazos, Matthew Rodriguez 

We had a wonderful 2010 season as the Magnolia Pirates!!!


We welcome the 2011 new season players & coaches!!!

Coaches: Pablo Salazar, Jaime Saavedra, Ron Bone, Felipe Yanez, & Louie Cavazos

Players:  Carlos Alvares, Danny Salazar, Gerardo Saavedra, Jaggar Bone, Joel Yanez, Felipe Yanez, Manuel De La Fuente, Robert Avila,  & Tristan Luna

Good Luck and Go Rangers !!!!!

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