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Friday, February 8
Mustangs Advance to Quarters With 2-0 Win Over Dutchtown

This was a game that could have gone either way in the first half, as Dutchtown came out strong and fast. They had several chances early but were unable to string enough passes together to create an effective attack, but their disruptive hustle did keep the Mustangs from doing the same. The Griffins manufactured six corner kicks in the early going that could have been trouble but were all well-defended. They also sent in one long-range rocket that Mustang keeper Chris Hilario managed to deflect over the crossbar.  Providing a bright spot in the early going (and throughout the match) for the Mustangs was outside midfielder Steven Bush who used the wing to create most of Caddo Magnet’s attack. Though his long shots/crosses in the early going did not find their mark it was about the only offense that the Mustangs could produce. Coach Radi Baltov tweaked his line-up with some minor adjustments, and in the 31st minute Caddo Magnet finally capitalized. Zach Kelly sent a low and fast free kick in from about forty yards out. Nick Flowers raced into position in the 6-yard box and deflected the eventual game-winner off his instep and past the keeper into the back of the net. The Mustangs began to slowly gain control of the game following the goal and went into halftime with the 1 to 0 score.

The Mustangs returned to the field looking like a totally different team from the first half and were on the attack inside the first minute. Adam West caught up with a nice through-pass from Bush but the kick sailed over the crossbar. However, it put the opponent on notice that this half would be different from the first. The passing game had been found and the center midfielders were seeing the field better. Three minutes later Bush again found West, and this time the tandem produced the goods. Bush made a beautiful run down the side (after a very nice Kelly through-pass from the middle) and crossed it in from the baseline. It deflected off a defender towards West just inside the penalty box who one-touched it in before the keeper could adjust. From this point on the Mustangs continued to attack but with less urgency as they settled into a comfortable passing game.  Dutchtown appeared to employ a defensive game plan in the second half with hopes of surprising the Mustangs with quick counter-attacks.  They had a very quick forward who did get several opportunities, but the swarming Mustang defense limited his production to only two shots-on-goal in the second half. His best look at the net came in the 73rd minute when he took a long pass over the defense to create a one-on-one with Mustang keeper Hilario. But Hilario was out in a flash to smother the shot in yet another amazing play-off save - his second of the night. He and his defense of Ethan Colbert, Jimmy Cowles, Spencer Inman, Robert Poole, and Luke Snow recorded their 19th shutout for the season. Kelly's second-half ball control and distribution in the middle was huge. Bush's contribution from the wings was equally huge tonight, drawing praise from the opposing coach as a key factor in the Mustang victory.  The match was played at a fast clip and was fairly physical throughout. There were five free kicks awarded to both teams with Caddo Magnet getting their initial score on one of those. Both sides were yellow-carded once – the Griffins for rough play and the Mustangs for arguing.  Final score was 2 to 0.

There was an inspiring Caddo Magnet student body turn-out (their numbers matched the home crowd student body) with flags, body paint, and a lot of school spirit. After each Caddo score an enthusiastic ‘flag corp’ lapped the track to display that great Caddo Magnet team support. This along with the Caddo Magnet banners gave the Mustangs a nice home-game feeling in spite of playing 280 miles from home. Can't say enough for that student body support. The chartered bus was nice for players and parents alike. The post-game pizza party in the parking lot hit the spot and made the ride home very nice. Many, many thanks to all who made it happen, especially T. Ree Snow and Kathleen West Clark.

The Shreveport Times had this article.

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