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Magic Time AAU


To care for adolescents as guides & mentors in basketball. We accomplish this from our expertise derived from 18-plus years of experience. Our intention is to teach the players loyalty, respect and honesty on and off the court. Our mission is to help them become better athletes who play the game of basketball and become even stronger young men & women in our communities.


- To offer a positive and reinforcing experience for all basketball players. (Beginners, Intermediate & Experienced)

- To develop a strong sense of self-pride and self-respect in players

- To teach players the process of setting and attaining goals in basketball and life

- To provide intensive but appropriate instruction in basketball fundamentals on an individual team and team basis.

 - To encourage young athletes to maintain good physical condition, healthy lifestyle habits, and to seek intellectual excellence.

- To encourage personal development, a strong positive attitude, and to develop a will to succeed.

- To solicit commitment and support for one another on a family, team and club basis.

- To provide the best coaching available and to explore non-traditional methods of instruction and demonstration.

     This is much more than a basketball              program, this is a family!   


   If You're Looking for a Different Experience Come Join Our Program   


Winter League starting soon...Jan. 2017 

   (see site news for more info)      



Magic Time Basketball Tournaments for 2017

Magic Time Spring Jam;

April 22nd & 23rd

Magic Time Summer Jam; 

June 10th & 11th

100 plus teams came to each of last years tournaments  

Teams from NH,RI,MA,NY,NJ,ME,PA,DC,LV and CT   


Looking for seasoned coaches for our upcoming season 2017