MA District 12: Composite Bats

Decertified and Failed Performance Compliance Testing Bats

Decertified Bats (Failed NCAA BBCOR Testing)

Effectively immediately and until notified otherwise, the following bat models should be considered non-compliant and subject to Junior, Senior, and Big League Baseball Rules 1.10 and 6.06(d).

Failed Performance Compliance Testing (2 ¼ inch barrel bats only)

Effectively immediately and until notified otherwise, the following bat models should be considered non-compliant and subject to Little League (Majors) and below baseball rules 1.10 and 6.06(d).

  • Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty -12 (Model - YB12D), including all graphic variations, view the release


  • Mattingly Sports, Inc., Balistk bat (Model - BTKYB, blue) including all graphic variations, view the release


  • Nike Bat Models BT0636 CX2 (light grey), BT0573 CX2 (dark grey) and BT0598 CX2 (blue), including all graphic variations, view the release


Licensed & Approved

Licensed Composite Bats - (2 1/4 inch barrels)

Licensed composite-barreled bats (2 1/4 inch barrels) that meet the Bat Peformance Factor (BPF) standard, and the Accelerated Break In (ABI) procedure, are listed below.

This list applies for the current season, and will be updated as needed.

This list is representative of licensed composite-barreled baseball bats that are permitted to be used in the Little League (Majors) Division and below, as of the latest revision date shown at the bottom of this page, when this list was last updated.

This list may have more licensed models added to it as more bats are tested, and if Little League receives the positive testing results from the manufacturer.

For a complete list of bats that are licensed by Little League, please view or download the following PDF:

Download Current Complete Bat List:

Current Licensed Bat List (PDF)

Licensed BPF-ABI Composite (2-1/4in) Baseball Bats - Visual Guide

Product Name Model Number Approval Letter Photo
Anderson 015031 - Flex - 12 form-pdf icon anderson-flex12
Baden L142A Avenge L142A Avenge form-pdf icon Combat-B2YB2-FB-300px
Baden L142B Avenge L142B Avenge form-pdf icon 2014-Baden-L142B
Combat B2 Reloaded
B2YB2 form-pdf icon Combat-B2YB2-FB-300px
Combat 2011 B3 Gear GEARYB2 (2011 Retrofit) form-pdf icon Combat-GEARYB3-fb-300px
Combat B4 B4YB1 form-pdf icon Combat-B4-B4YB1-FB-300px
Combat Portent PORYB1 form-pdf icon 2013-Combat-Portent-PORYB1 
Combat Pure YB PUREYB1 form-pdf icon Combat-PUREYB1-FB-300px 
Combat Wanted WANYB1 form-pdf icon 2013-Combat-Wanted-WANYB1 
DeMarini CF4 CFL10 form-pdf icon Demarini-CF4-CFL10-FB-300px
DeMarini CF4 CFL11 form-pdf icon Demarini-CF4-CFL11-FB-300px
DeMarini CF5 CFL12 form-pdf icon DeMarini-CFL12-FB-300px
DeMarini CF5 CFL13 form-pdf icon Demarini-CF5-FB-300px.jpg 
DeMarini CF5 -11 CFL13-LE form-pdf icon DeMarini CF5-11 
DeMarini CF6 CFL14 form-pdf icon DeMarini CF6-CFL14 
DeMarini CF7 CFL-15 form-pdf icon 2014-demarini-cfl15 
Easton EJ Stealth LCN9J form-pdf icon 2013-Easton EJ Stealth-LCN9J
Easton MAKO -11 YB14MK form-pdf icon Easton MAKO -11 - YB14MK 300px
Easton MAKO YB15MK form-pdf icon Easton-YB15MK-Mako
Easton MAKO Comp Tee Ball TB15MK form-pdf icon 2014-Easton-TB15MK
Easton MAKO TORQ YB15MKT form-pdf icon Easton-YB15MKT-Torq
Easton MAKO XL YB15MKX form-pdf icon Easton-YB15MKX-XL
Easton Omen XL LNC1XL form-pdf icon Easton Omen XL LNC1XL 300px
Easton Omen XL LNC2XL form-pdf icon EastonOmenXL-LNC2XL-300px
Easton S1 YB11S1 form-pdf icon Easton-S1-FB-300px
Easton S1 YB14S1 form-pdf icon 2013 EastonS1-YB14S1
Easton S1 -12 YB13S1 form-pdf icon Easton-YB13S1-FB-300px
Easton S1 -12 YB15S1 form-pdf icon 2014-Easton-YB15S1
Easton Stealth Speed -12 LSS6XL form-pdf icon EastonStealthSpeed-12-Model-LSS6XL-FB-300px
Easton Stealth Speed -11 LSS1 form-pdf icon EastonStealthSpeed-LSS1-FB-300px
Easton Stealth Speed -9 LSS2 form-pdf icon Easton-StealthSpeed-LSS2-FB-300px
Easton Stealth Speed -13 LSS3 form-pdf icon Easton-StealthSpeed-LSS3-FB-300px
Easton Stealth IMX -11 LCN9 form-pdf icon Easton-Stealth-IMX-11-LCN9-fb
Easton Stealth IMX -13 LCN11 form-pdf icon Easton-Stealth-IMX-LCN11-back-FB-300px
Easton Stealth -11 LCN4 form-pdf icon Easton-Stealth-LCN4-FB-300px
Easton Stealth -11 LCN6 form-pdf icon Easton Stealth-11LCN6Front
Easton Stealth-11LCN6Back
Easton Synergy IMX -12 LZN1 form-pdf icon Easton-Synergy-IMX-LZN1-FB-300px
Easton XL1 YB11X1 form-pdf icon Easton-XL1-FB-300px 
Easton XL1 -10 YB13X1 form-pdf icon Easton-YB13XL1-FB-300px
Easton XL1 -10 YB14X1 form-pdf icon Easton XL1 -10 - YB14x1 300px
Louisville Slugger Attack -10 YB13A5 form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB13A5-FB-300px 
Louisville Slugger Attack -10 YBAT14-R5 form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB13A5-FB-300px 
Louisville Slugger Attack - 12 YB13A form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB13A-FB-300px
Louisville Slugger Attack -12 YBAT14-RR form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB13A5-FB-300px 
Louisville Slugger Catalyst YBCT14-RR form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-Catalyst-YBCT14-RR-300px 
Louisville Slugger Catalyst YBCT152 form-pdf icon 2014-Lousiville-YBCT152 
Louisville Slugger L-1000 JYB013 form-pdf icon Louisville Slugger Catalyst JYB013
Louisville Slugger TPX Catalyst -12 YB12C form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-Catalyst-12-YB12C-FB-300px
Louisville Slugger TPX Catalyst YB13C form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB13C-FB-300px.jpg 
Louisville Slugger TPX Catalyst YB12EI form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-YB12EI-FB-300px 
Louisville Slugger TPX Dynasty -12 YBDH form-pdf icon LouisvilleSluggerTPXDynasty-YBDH12-FB-300px
Louisville Slugger TPX Maverick AYB11M form-pdf icon LouisvilleSluggerTPXMaverick-AYB11M-FB-300px
Louisville Slugger Prime 915 YBP9150 form-pdf icon 2014-Lousiville-YBP9150
Louisville Slugger Prime 915 YBP9152 form-pdf icon 2014-Lousiville-YBP9152
Louisville Slugger Triton -12 YB12T form-pdf icon LouisvilleSlugger-Triton-12-YB12T-FB-300px
Marucci MYBC10 form-pdf icon 2014-Marucci-MYBC10
Miken REV-EX YREV12   Miken-REVEX-YREV12-300px 
Miken REV-EX YRVX12 form-pdf icon Miken-REVEX-YRVX12
Miken Sports Freak Black YFKBLK form-pdf icon 2014-Miken-YFKBLK
Miken Sports Freak NXT YBNX12 form-pdf icon MikenSports-FreakNXT-YBNX12-FB-300px
Miken Sports Triad YTRI10 form-pdf icon Miken-Triad-YTRI10-FB-300px
Miken Triad Xtreme YTRD10 form-pdf icon Miken Triad Xtreme
Rawlings Mach-2 YBRMC form-pdf icon
Rawlings Mach-10 YBMC10 form-pdf icon
Rawlings Machine YBMC12 form-pdf icon 2013-Rawlings-Machine-YBMC12
Rawlings Machine YBM12R form-pdf icon Rawlings Machine
Rawlings Machine YBMACH form-pdf icon Rawlings-Machine-YBMACH-300px
Rawlings Plasma YBLAC form-pdf icon Rawlings-Plasma-YBLAC-FB-300px
Rawlings Plasma YBPLAD form-pdf icon Rawlings Plasma
Rawlings YB5150 5150 form-pdf icon 2014-rawlings-yb5150
Worth Prodigy Legit YBPR12 form-pdf icon Worth-ProdigyLegit-YBPR12-FB-300px.jpg


The list above is current as of today’s date. It was last updated on December 9, 2014. Little League will update this list when/if it receives testing results from the manufacturer(s) showing the bat meets the specifications.

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