MA District 12: General Information

District 12 Information Handouts:
2016 11/12 year old tournament Bracket

This bracket will be updated daily when the tournament starts.

2016 11 12 year old tournament brac2016 11 12 year old tournament brac

D12 2016 9 10 year old tournament Bracket

This bracket will be updated as the tournament progresses

D 12 2016 9 10 year old tournament brackD 12 2016 9 10 year old tournament brack

2015 Jimmy Fund Rules

2015 Jimmy Fund Rules and Regulations2015 Jimmy Fund Rules and Regulations

Little League Safety Program Documents

2015 Facility Survey2015 Facility Survey

2015 Sample Safety Plan2015 Sample Safety Plan

2015 Your Safety Plan Form2015 Your Safety Plan Form

2015 Qualified Safety Program Reg. Form2015 Qualified Safety Program Reg. Form

2015 Background Check Presentation2015 Background Check Presentation

2015 Background Check Homesafe Flyer2015 Background Check Homesafe Flyer

2015 Volunteer Form2015 Volunteer Form

2015 Returning Volunteer Form2015 Returning Volunteer Form

Little League Forms and Documents

2015 Baseball Age Chart2015 Baseball Age Chart

2015 Medical Release Form2015 Medical Release Form

2015 Injury Tracking Form2015 Injury Tracking Form

2015 Accident Claim Form2015 Accident Claim Form

2015 Officer Change Form2015 Officer Change Form

2015 Interleague Play Form2015 Interleague Play Form

2015 Application for Combined Teams2015 Application for Combined Teams

2015 Parent Code of Conduct Form2015 Parent Code of Conduct Form

2015 Proof of Residency Requirements2015 Proof of Residency Requirements

2015 Hometown Little League Presentation2015 Hometown Little League Presentation

2015 Local League Accounting Procedures2015 Local League Accounting Procedures

Little League Rule Waiver Documents

Regulation II(d) or II(a) Waiver FormRegulation II(d) or II(a) Waiver Form

Regulation IV(h) Waiver FormRegulation IV(h) Waiver Form

Regulation V(a) Waiver FormRegulation V(a) Waiver Form

Residency Waiver Request FormResidency Waiver Request Form

School Enrollment FormSchool Enrollment Form

Special Games FormSpecial Games Form

Special Games Non-Little League FormSpecial Games Non-Little League Form

District 12 Information

MA District 12 Constitution and By-LawsMA District 12 Constitution and By-Laws

MA District 12 Sample Safety ProgramMA District 12 Sample Safety Program

MA District 12 Roster TemplateMA District 12 Roster Template

MA District 12 Age Break Down SheetMA District 12 Age Break Down Sheet

Tournament Information Documents

2015 Pitching Log2015 Pitching Log

2015 Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form2015 Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form

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