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Friday, August 14

Welcome to the home of Massachusetts District 12 Little League. All are invited to explore our site and take advantage of the information that is available. The District 12 Staff is dedicated to serving our communities in any way possible. If you are looking for any specific information or have questions, please feel free to contact a member of the staff. To stay up to date with tournament information and rule changes, please LIKE us on Facebook. You can find the District on Facebook at . Thank you all and please help support the Jimmy Fund!


Red Sox Foundation volunteer of the year
Sunday, September 6
Marie Shea D-12 Red Sox Foundation volunteer of the year.

On behalf of District 12,

I want to congratulate our Secratary Marie Shea for earning the 2015 Redsox Foundation Volunteer of the Year Award. 

Marie will receive this award tonight 8-14-2015 prior to the Red Sox game at Fenway. Please review Marie's accomplishments that earned her this award. 

"Her service to Little League is around 13 years in total, having served as a board member most of those years!

She has been a league treasurer in Malden, also has been our concession stand coordinator, also safety officer, player agent. She has been volunteering even after her son turned 13 this year and left little league for Babe Ruth.

Her dedication to special needs children not only in Malden but our other leagues in D12 is truly amazing.

She was the person solely responsible for Chartering a Challenger League 9 years ago. Not because she had to but because she thought all children should have the opportunity to play Little League baseball no matter what their issues are. I was President of Malden Northern at that time, I can still remember the chill I got when she told me she contacted Williamsport. I thought she was joking, but she in fact filed for a Challenger Charter. At first it was a small program but over the years it has flourished. This year we have around 52 registered players.

She has devoted herself to our District 12 Challenger program without hesitation.

But it goes beyond the challenger league, her volunteerism includes not only our District but also at the Jimmy Fund level.

In my eyes - when I hear the phrase
"Volunteer of the year" it's Marie Shea hands down!"

Bernie Colbert D-12

District Administrator


Wednesday, June 15
2016 Tournament Brackets for the 9/10 and 11/12 year olds are now posted on the forms and handout page.

Game results for Thursday 6-30-2016

11/12 Year olds;

Somerville 1 v Churchill American 9, Melrose National 3 v Malden 5

10/11 Year olds;

Medford White 7 v Medford Blue 8

9/10 Year olds;

East Boston 12 v Medford Blue 14  

Friday nights games are as follows;

10/11 Year olds;

Norwood v Medford White at Kelley field at 530PM

Medford Blue v Canton at Cawford field at 8PM

Every one enjoy the 4th of July weekend we will resume on Tuesday with the following games;

11/12 Year Olds;

East Boston v Medford White at Al Festa at 6PM

Everett v Medford Blue at Conant at 6PM

10/11 Year Olds;

Medford White v Canton at Metacomet at 530PM

Medfield v Medford Blue at Metacomet at 8PM

9/10 Year Olds;

Somerville v Medford White at Conway at 6PM 

The Tournament Brackets on the Forms and Handout page will be updated on Friday 7-1-2016 


The updated Brackets will be posted in the Forms & Handouts Page 


Michael P. Fontana

ADA Tournament Director 

News from Little League International

LLB Data Center

Data Center Banner 

It is that time again. All new 2015 Board of Directors contact information must be updated with Little League International.

Little League offers local leagues many tools through the online data center. When a League President or Official logs into the data center, s/he can perform many tasks which include: Online Chartering of your league,  Updating your league Officers and Board of Directors, View your waiver requests to the Charter Committee for status and Approval, Purchase supplies from the Little League Store online, Check your safety plan status, Submit your safety facility survey, and much more!

  We urge everyone to take advantage of the data center, especially in regards to updating league officer information. This is vital so that Little League can send the appropriate information to the right people every season. To access the data center today, please click the link below.

Click Here For: LLB Data Center

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