Madison Summer Volleyball Classic: My Default Season Divisions

2014 Teams
       Open/ A Division
1. Brian Burns                               Owes
2.Aaron Hoffman Victorious secret Owes
3.Dave Wentz                                  Owes
4. Robert Cierniakoski Evc             Paid
5. Chris Ault                                     Owes
6. Jake Runyan                                 Owes
7. Zoilo Colon                                    Owes

1. Billy Nieves                                 Owes
2. Jessie Maltry                               Owes
3.Jeff Lawlor                                    Paid
4.Jen Ersek                                     Owes
5.Captain Rice                                 Owes

1. Diane Yates                                 Paid
2. Todd Kincaid    ?? needs 1 female



About the Food Tickets: every player will receive a food ticket, this will get them 10% off any food item that isn't listed as discounted item at the Wagon Wheel, Karen's Holiday, Roman's IV, Compadre's & Lake Effectz.. This ticket can be used at your choice of the restaurant listed above. This discount is for food items purchased only. The tickets will be given at the time of team check in. Do not give the clerk your ticket, just show it so you can use it to purchase food at a discount through out the day.