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Tuesday, October 1
About Us
The Madison Park and Recreation Authority was formed in 1982, by action of the Board of Supervisors in accordance with state law (currently set forth in Virginia Code 15.2-5702).  The Park and Recreation Authority is a seven (7) member board. Each member is appointed by the Board of Supervisors for a term of 4 years. Although its members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, the Authority is considered an independent public body.  However, the County provides support to the Authority in the form of bookkeeping and administrative functions. The purpose of the Madison Park and Recreation Authority, as set forth in its 1982 Articles of Incorporation, are to administer, maintain and exercise rights of ownership over such park and recreation areas as maybe specified from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. To date, the park and recreation areas transferred to the ownership of the Authority are: (i) the Madison Recreation Center, consisting of property adjacent to the American Legion Post, and (ii) approximately six (6) acres of property along the Middle River.  In 2002 the Authority contributed approximately $23,000 of its funds to the County, for use in planning and establishing new sports playing fields. 

Hoover Ridge Park

Hoover Ridge Park is a unique and beautiful public facility. Purchased by the County Board of Supervisors from the Clore family in 2002, this 182-acre property holds historical significance as a community gathering space. In 1929 ten thousand people convened on the site to attend Madison County Day, at which President and Mrs. Herbert Hoover were officially welcomed following their purchase of land within Madison County. 

Hoover Ridge Park includes the following facilities:

Walking/running trails: a rustic path has been cleared in the wooded area of Hoover Ridge Park, suitable for use as a walking trail and cross-country running trail.  Four path segments are marked with signs and named, and together all segments form a 1-mile circuit.

Camp/outdoor amphitheater: "Camp Crockett" is situated at the edge of the wooded area of Hoover Ridge Park, in the area where the walking/running trails begin.  The area consists of a small stage area; a fire pit; raised camp sites; tables and benches.  For information about reserving this area for events or activities, contact Parks and Recreation at 948-6887.

Farmer's Market: Hoover Ridge is the site for the County's outdoor Farmer's Market, held outdoors from May through October each year.

Pond suitable for use by groups such as 4-H and scouting programs for fishing and water safety programs.

Sports playing fields: the County's various youth sports programs utilize facilities at Hoover Ridge for football, soccer, baseball and soccer games. Soccer and football programs serve approximately 500 children in Spring and Fall seasons, and the baseball and softball programs serve approximately 300 children during the Spring.  In 2007 the County completed construction of five new baseball and softball playing fields and of four new multipurpose playing fields (each of the four multipurpose fields accommodates at least two practice and playing areas).

Hours of Operation:  Hoover Ridge is open to the public from dawn to dusk each day.

Pet policy:  pets are welcomed. Dogs must be licensed as required by County ordinance and state law.

Traffic policy: please don't drive vehicles in areas other than established roadways and parking areas indicated with ropes and bumpers. Drive slowly and watch