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Friday, April 5



Determining eligibility

"If you wish to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, your eligibility must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly known as the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse).

When you register with the clearinghouse, you must complete the Student Release Form, which authorizes your high school to send the necessary academic information to the clearinghouse. You'll also have to fill out the amateurism questionnaire, which asks questions about benefits and activities that might affect your amateur status.

If you plan on participating in Division III athletics, the institution in which you enroll is responsible for certifying your amateur and academic eligibility.

Meeting NCAA eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission into any specific sports college. It simply means that you will be eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics for an NCAA member institution in any division in which you meet the requirements." source:


So You Want to Take it to the Next Level and Play

College Football

*Keep your grades up and study hard

*Give 100% to your football practices and workouts.

*Be a team player with a great attitude, even when things aren’t going your way. College coaches notice these things. They know that it takes a team player to win a game.

*Stay out of trouble- That means no drugs, smoking and alcohol. The college athlete needs to be healthy to put in a full day’s grind of practice on and off the field, including in the classroom.

*Look for and fill out Student Athlete Questionnaires on the football websites for schools that are on your list. Some schools don’t have questionnaires but require you to send game and highlight film. You can get film from your head or position coach as well as on the
Hudl website we are currently using at MCHS.

*Don't pay for someone promising to get you noticed or recruited unless you verify they are a reputable company. The NCSA does offer some recruiting services.  There are some local but always check with your high school football coach.  When in doubt, check with your head coach before committing to anything.

*Look for one day camps offered by colleges located on their football page websites. These camps usually run from $25.00 to $125.00, sometimes free of charge. The week long camps offered at different schools like UGA offer a learning environment and are more expensive.

*Sign up for combines like NikeCombine 

and Under Amour . These combines fill up quick and are a great way to compete against some of the best high school football players in your state and nation. Subscribe to their websites and keep yourself updated as to when these combines are scheduled. You should also let your head coach know you are interested in these combines. He can try to keep you updated just remember that your coach is very busy and it is up to you to keep up with the dates and deadlines!

*Last but not least, NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP! SET YOUR GOALS HIGH AND BE DETERMINED AND WORK HARD TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Just because someone says you can’t play at a certain level doesn’t mean you can’t try. The experience you get now is valuable for what really is important in life one day!


NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)


If you would like to add any camp or recruiting information please email me. 

Thanks and Work Hard! 

 Rachel Boyett

Friday, April 19

Eighth Annual Blue Chip Football Academy

Mars Hill College · Mars Hill, North Carolina

June 24 - June 26, 2013

Academy Mission

The Academy is for the serious high school player who wants to play college football. You will be able to be coached by and evaluated by college coaches of whom most are major decision makers for their respective schools. The Academy will give you tremendous exposure to help you fulfill your goal of playing at the next level.


 Registration document on the Blue Chip Football Academy website.

Click here to view video on the Blue Chip Academy -->

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QB Spotlight National Academies Registration Information



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UAB camp 2013