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Thursday, April 7
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Collegiate Roller Hockey Summary

With nearly 200 teams and 2,500 players nationwide, the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (NCRHA) is the governing body of collegiate roller hockey in the United States.

Collegiate Roller Hockey History

The roots of collegiate roller hockey can be traced back to the mid-1990s when club roller hockey teams were formed all across the United States. In the early years, this handful of teams contacted each other in order to set up games, seasons and championships. The first official Collegiate Roller Hockey Championship was held in 1999 in Chicago, IL. From 1999 to 2003, the Collegiate Roller Hockey League (CRHL) was the national governing body for collegiate roller hockey and hosted 5 Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships.

On August 1, 2003 the Atlantic Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (ACRHA), Eastern Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (ECRHA), Southwest Collegiate Hockey League (SCHL), Southeast Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (SCRHA) and Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League (WCRHL) parted from their former national governing body, the Collegiate Roller Hockey League (CRHL), and announced the creation of the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (NCRHA).   By September 1, 2003 the Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League (MCRHL) and newly-formed Rocky Mountain Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (RMCRHA) had joined as Member Organizations of the NCRHA, bringing the total to seven.  In March 2005, the ACRHA and SCRHA merged to form a new organization, the Southeastern Collegiate Roller Hockey League (SECRHL). 

The NCRHA represents the next major step in the pursuit of the original CRHL goals and visions. The policies by which the NCRHA will be governed are based upon the goal of a nationally recognized and regionally organized collegiate roller hockey structure and the best interests of the participants of collegiate roller hockey. 

National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

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Collegiate Roller Hockey Team List (Nationwide)


Collegiate Roller Hockey Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Where do I find the list of schools that have teams?

A) An entire list of teams in the NCRHA can be found on the NCRHA website, Once on the NCRHA homepage, click “Teams.”


Q) What school should I go to and who has the best team?

A) The NCRHA is a national organization that represents every team equally so we will only give out facts about teams and advice on academics. The term “best” means different things to many people and the “best team” often changes from year to year. We encourage each student to pick his or her university based on education first, then on roller hockey. If you need help choosing a university, we recommend contacting the NCRHA at The NCRHA staff will be able to point you in the right direction for both your academic and hockey interests.

Q) Who do I contact to get in touch with the team or the coach?

A) Email and the NCRHA staff can put you in touch with teams, coaches or Member Organization directors.


Q) How do I start a college roller hockey program at my school and ensure that it survives after I am gone?

A) Although it may appear as though starting a club, gaining acceptance (and hopefully some funding!) from a university, and most importantly, assembling a team are huge feats to accomplish, it’s not as hard as one might think. In fact, some clubs in the NCRHA were formed in mere weeks! Unfortunately, not all schools are as receptive to a fledgling roller hockey team as would be desirable. More often than not, roadblocks make the process more difficult than is necessary, but a little bit of dedication and legwork almost always guarantees a successful program that will thrive under sound leadership.

Hold an interest meeting to outline the club’s goals and future. First and foremost is to establish that incredible hockey skills are NOT required to be in the club. Although you may intend to develop an intercollegiate travel team, start slow. Outline how much it will cost players to participate and explain that there are two major levels of involvement in the club, intramural and intercollegiate.

Q) I want to play roller hockey in college. What do I do? Where do I start?

A) This is probably the most frequently asked question that we get and therefore is the longest answer. First of all, by reading this FAQ you’re already on the right track! If you follow every step on the list below, it eventually won’t seem too overwhelming. Start by reading everything here so that you have a good feel for the collegiate roller hockey community. Motivation is very important when finding the answer to this question and understanding how to proceed. There is some homework involved by the student and his/her parents. While we only wish to encourage you to pursue roller hockey, you must have realistic goals along with your dreams and hopes. You may also only get out of it what you put into it, unless you find a school with a very established program. In NCRHA there are some very established clubs but there are also teams who are still just developing. These different stages of advancement can and do affect how the school supports the club.

1) Find a school based on academic interests. Some go to school for academics and the perk is they get to play roller hockey there. An amazing evolution is that now the tables are turned and students who otherwise would show no interest in going to college now want to go just to PLAY roller hockey! The revelation is that being able to play roller hockey may now incubate a desire to get a college education.


2) Set goals for what you want to do specifically with roller hockey. Basically ask yourself, at what level do you want to play and how much are you willing to put into it to get it to that level, as both an individual and a team player. This also will help establish how much interest that you have in building a team in the case that you go to a school where a club does not yet exist. Students enroll in all kinds of schools from 4 year universities to 2 year technical colleges. The NCRHA allows all higher education institutions. Some schools already have an established club or the student will build a club when one does not already exist. In this way, the NCRHA was initially founded 100% by students themselves.

3) Our national website ( lists all the currently active teams and schools. Additionally, there are dozens of teams at schools that are developing or have participated in the league before. You can also narrow your school search by selecting a geographical area. The National organization is geographically divided into 7 regions across the country. These regions are listed on the website and are also called NCRHA Member Organizations.


Once you can narrow your choice of schools NCRHA will further put you in touch with the team representative (which may be the captain, coach, or club president). Once you have done some homework, you should e-mail the NCRHA at explaining your interest, your location, and your goals. From there, we will be able to recommend you to some universities that may interest you, or if you already have a university in mind, then we can give you the contact information for the school and answer further questions. In the meantime, take a look around the NCRHA website and look at the universities that already exist.

Q) Is college roller hockey an NCAA sport?

A) No. Teams in the NCRHA are recognized by their schools as clubs and student organizations. This is a requirement that all clubs must fulfill in order to be a full member of the NCRHA. NCRHA is still exploring options and research with the NCAA but for now remains an independent organization with relationships to other roller hockey-related organizations.

Q) Are there scholarships to play in college?

A) Indeed, there are, but not too many! Only a few high school roller hockey leagues offer scholarships, and even fewer universities offer any form of scholarship to play roller hockey. USA Hockey Inline often offers a few scholarships to graduating high school seniors.

Q) Do schools send out scouts? How do I get someone to come see me play?

A) Even after many years, the experience of college roller hockey is still very new and therefore teams are still establishing leadership within their own clubs as well as finances. It is therefore very challenging for a club to actually send any type of “scout” out on a regular basis and many teams do not proactively search for players but rather hope that players will seek them out. Nonetheless, there are club members who will attend high school events or come out to see a player once contacted! It’s all just a matter of communicating with the clubs and the clubs’ own ability to arrange this.

Q) Who pays for all of this?

A) While the ultimate hope is to have a student alleviated of all costs to play roller hockey in college, the reality is that students are still paying for parts of the cost to participate in NCRHA. With each club’s individual relationship with their school as well as the different stages of the clubs development, the support and aid given to the club from their school varies across the country. Support from the schools is also offered in different forms, from money to the use of school vehicles or a practice facility at no cost. NCRHA research has shown that some schools are still unsupportive of roller hockey, while others offer as much as $40,000 in funding for their clubs.


Q) What about college roller hockey for women?

A) Women have played and currently play in the NCRHA alongside the men. Unfortunately separate all-women divisions have not done well due to the distance between teams, but NCRHA has not given up. We encourage every person regardless of gender to play collegiate roller hockey. There are still women’s clubs springing up across the country.

Q) What are games like? Is there checking? Do you play 4 on 4?

A) The NCRHA does not allow checking. We have a national Rule Book that can be downloaded from our website that is most similar to the rules used by USA Hockey InLine. Games are 4 on 4 with no icing and no off-sides rule. Most Member Organizations of the NCRHA hold “hockey weekends” where a team will typically play 3 to 4 regular season games in a weekend at a central location. Regular game formats are currently three twelve-minute stop-clock periods.

Remember, when choosing a university you should choose it not on the talent level of the college's team, but the reputation of its education. At this point in time, it is best to decide upon a university based on education and not hockey. Many of our members chose their universities without knowing about their roller hockey teams, and some universities did not even have teams at all so they build them. This was the birth of the NCRHA as well as the ongoing lifeline of the organization. NCRHA traditionally has been a program fostered by the actual participants. We advise that groups of students network within their university to gain strength in numbers and committed players before approaching their university for support. There is not a lot that NCRHA is able to do without the actual committed players. Please contact us if you have a dream about playing roller hockey for your university or if you would just simply like to help with the NCRHA mission!

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For more information, visit the NCRHA online at or email