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Tuesday, November 13
How to obtain referees for matches or tournaments
CONTACTS INFO TO OBTAIN OFFICIALS: Contact Larry Fetterhoff or Bill Jones .

Larry & Bill have gracioulsy offered to assist in the assigning of USAV Officials for matches and tournaments.  Please contact them ASAP once you have your home matches set - is it much appreciated to give the assignors as much lead time as possible since there are other volleyball events which utilize the current pool of officials.  Larry assigns primarily the West and Northwest divisions along with Harrisburg area based club teams.  Bill assigns primarily the East and NorthEast divisions along with Philadelphia area based club teams.  North teams should contact both Bill and Larry as assignments may be split based on location.

Interested in becoming a referee?  Contact the Officials Chairperson at for more information.


Officials Fees, Rule Modifications and Forms for 2011

2011 Official Fee Schedule:

The MACVC official fee for a single official is $110.  The table below is the 2010-11 fee schedule:

2011 Season Officials’ Fees

Match Format


1 Best 3/5 (single match)


 Play begins at scheduled time
2 Best 3/5 (dual match)


30 min between matches
3 Best 3/5 (tri match)


30 min between matches

Tournament Play                              - 4 team pools match play                     -  5 team pools, 2-21 pt sets 


Pool Play and Playoffs up to 9 hours. 
2 Best 2/3 (tournament playoffs)

$160 per ref

Maximum 20 minutes between matches
Late/Wait Fee


For each segment:10-30 minutes late.       Each add’l 30 minutes


Current USAV Rule Changes Summary, Officials Contract Form & Match Scoresheets/Lineup Sheets can be downloaded from the handout below



Handout: 2012 Official & Scorekeeper Information

USA Volleyball Current Rule Book Link & Scoresheet Link

The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF), of which the MACVC is a recognized member, has voted to adopt the rule which allows the libero to serve in one rotation starting with the 2007 men's club season.  The MACVC adopted & continues to use this rule amendment.

Current USAV DCR (rulebook) can be found at:

Scorekeeping Materials can be downloaded at:

Friday, October 12
Tournament Guidelines

See the attached handout as a guide for running tournaments.

Handout: Hosting Tournaments