DeSales: Welcome

DeSales Men's Club Volleyball

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the DeSales team page! This is our sixth year as a club but we have a really solid team that is very excited to get this season started.
It's tough to get the school interested in the team. So if you are from DeSales, please spread the word about the team and about this website! We feel that we have put a solid team together that will be very exciting to watch this season, and a team that will put up great competition.
Help support our team by coming out to the practices, the games, by purchasing a shirt, even by spreading the word about us! We hope to get the team rockin' and in order to do that, we need the help of everyone! So help support us in anyway you can!
Please look around our team site, check out our roster, and schedules - if you have any questions please contact Andy Dreisbach ( Feel free to give any feedback. Take Care!