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4. - Posted March 29, 2004 5:50PM

Everybody in the house get SOCKI!
Come see the The Dave Renolds Show everybody!
Hey Tucker you think this is a game! Haven on two! Bark! Bark!
Lock Haven is sponsoring it's first childrens volleyball clinic!
If you have seen a group of guys posing in hip late 80's specks have not fear the Haven is in the house!

3. - Posted March 24, 2004 8:04PM

Hey Dave clank my sh*t!
Rhyno- It is on like Donkey Kong!
Congratulations to Ryan Sell for being the captain of the new LHU womens team!
Seth- Pulled his knee cap pulled it right off!

2. - Posted January 13, 2004 12:53PM

Dirty Sanchez stops to munch at a pink taco stand!

1. - Posted January 13, 2004 12:50AM
rusty trombone back in the house