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Sunday, September 11

Off-Ice Space - Stick Skills

A 20-part video series devoted to off-ice drills that the National Team Development Program uses to keep the skills of players progressing when they aren't on the ice, comes to a close with the 21st and final segment. Each drill, narrated by NTDP assistant coach Ken Martel, builds on the one prior, and "Balance Board," is the grand finale. It requires a pair of 2 x 4s, one stacked perpendicularly on the other while the player stickhandles on top. (Source: USA Hockey)



Soft Touch Yo Yo
Around Body Figure 8
Moving Thru Body
Hop Reach Drill
Blinders Push-Pull
Golf Balls Stick Flip
PVC and TP tubes Stick Hackey
Obstacle Course Toe Tap
Quick Hands Soccer Ball Pass
Hand Slide Wide Balance Board