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Saturday, September 5
End of an Era

Hello everyone

It has been a hard decision that I him'd and haw'd about for weeks and  I am sorry that I am making it so close to fall vball season. I won't be continuing with the Langley Women's Vball League. 

It is hard to believe it has been 14 or 15 years, not sure which.  I know I was pregnant when I started the league just not sure with which of my kids.  It has been a great run.  I have had the great opportunity to meet a lot of great ladies from the community and I will miss that.   You have become friends, fellow coaches, support etc.  I will miss seeing you Thursday nights and I wish you all the best of luck.

I created the league originally because I felt it was easier to start my own league here in Langley rather than drive all the way to Richmond or Burnaby.  I stopped playing a couple years ago due to a pinched nerve (and general old age) and have ramped up my coaching.  I have taken on 2 and occasionally 3 vball teams during school season.  This year I am coaching both a Jr boys and a girls Jr vball team.   This means 6 practices and at least 2 games a week with additional tournaments on the weekend.  Something has to give.  It is with heavy heart that I step away from the women's league and I hope that (maybe) someone will take over for me.  It was wonderful having a vball league in Langley.  Besides making it easier for all of us to play near home , it helped put vball center stage ..... right where I like it to be.  Langley has the strongest vball around.  CIS GOLD, school Gold and club gold ........ and our very own women's league.

I will miss you all and look forward to maybe meeting your Jr boys and girls teams on the court this season.

Thanks Jan

Wednesday, September 4
Seeds of Hope - Zambia

 You can order your Seeds of Hope coffee directly from the web site.  All funds go directly to helping orphans in Zambia Africa. 

Saturday Nov 4th, Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry's 20th annual fundraising dinner.  Call to get your tickets.  Toll Free: 877.236.4673




Thursday, September 12
My Mission trip to Zambia

This is a book inspired by my mission trip to Zambia. Thanks to you all.