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Tuesday, July 14
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Phone - 765-386-6383

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 Team Fees for 2013 - 2014

$225 for 1 Player


$200 for Second Player in Family


$175 for Third and More Players in the Family


$100 per player due in September


$100 per player due in October


Balance per player Due in November


The home school family group in Putnam County, Indiana started a choir for boys and girls, known as the Living Water choir. The choir met one day a week and that was followed by a time of recreation. Basketball was played in Roban Park and then at Greencastle Christian Church, Greencastle, IN. Home School Moms fostered and promoted the choir and the recreational sports activities to meet the need for physical education in their school curriculums.

But there was something missing, In 2000 - 2001 seven boys were organized to play in two basketball tournaments. The team won a 4th place trophy in the Indy Shoot Out Tournament held January, 2001. From the beginnings of intramural style play and a recreational approach to the program a "competitive" program was formed. From the original seven team members the program has grown to have enough boys and girls to have six divisions; Elementary Boys, Boys and Girls Junior High, Boys Junior Varsity, and Boys and Girls Varsity Teams. The Living Water Choir had added a sports program that became the Living Water Marlins. The name of the club was chosen because it represented biblical principles that should be stressed in the conduct, philosophy, and operation of an extracurricular activities club for home school students.

"Living Water" - Jesus offered the woman at the well "Living Water," water that would fulfill more than the need to quench just the thirst of the flesh. As we participate as players and coaches we should be held to a higher standard than those normal athletes, it is our responsibility as believers to become more "Christ Like" as we grow and mature in faith. Having been blessed to coach at the Olympic and International levels has allowed this observation. You see this time of energy and strength is very short lived. Olympic athletes who do not have a faith in God compete for the gold medal and the acclaim of men, and when they lose and do not achieve their goal they have nothing. Those athletes that have a strong faith in God know win or lose there is a higher purpose than athletics and gold medals. Win or lose the know life is not over and they can press on for the prize that is not perishable, but for the victory only living a Godly life can bring, for there is a greater purpose.
Why not the Marauders, the Magicians, Terminators, Dragons, or such? Well it was not our purpose to be identified with the world, but to be called out of the world. Most sports club names have some pagan or worldly tie so we chose to have a name that would represent a higher calling. Marlins are an athletic "game fish" of the swordfish family that can swim at great speeds, leap high out of the water, they are intelligent, and are resourceful enough to live all over the world. Marlins are a fish; the fish was a symbol of the early Christians and is to this day found in the catacombs of Rome. You can even see it on the back of cars today. Marlins have an outer covering that shines. Their skin and scales are highly reflective. A person who possesses the character quality of knowing how to reflect praise is highly thought of. The darkness absorbs the light. An individual that seeks glory for their self absorbs the light, as does the darkness. Teamwork on the basketball court and in other areas of life is away of reflecting praise and multiplies the ability and success of the group. It reflects the light and makes it brighter. Marlins carry a sword. We as Christians carry a sword, the word of God. The armor of God as described by Paul describes the helmet, breastplate, belt, and other parts of the armor of God, but take note that the sword is the only weapon of offense we have. Christ contested with Satan by using the word of God and we find direction and wisdom in the word of God. Marlins have been equipped with the sword, when you think of the Marlin as a swordfish you need to think of yourself as being equipped with the word of God, the sword. And so "LIVING WATER MARLINS" is more than just a name of a sports club, it represents a higher standard and the gift of salvation that was not earned, but freely given, a crown of victory that will not perish.

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